Win More Construction Projects with Improved Communication

Friday, 05 February
Construction projects

When it comes to winning new projects, it’s not enough to work hard, do things right and come in under budget. Those things will all help, but only if you have the communications skills to get that message across to prospective clients.
Don’t worry. You don’t have to take a master’s class on writing to communicate with clients. In fact, if you’re not comfortable writing, you can communicate in person or over the phone. It’s not how you communicate, but what you communicate.

Establish Your Credibility

Before you do anything else, you need to establish some credibility. If you’re at the point of seeking new projects, presumably you’ve been in this business for a while. If you’ve managed sites, be prepared to talk about those experiences. Make a list of your biggest accomplishments, and keep in touch with your clients — if they liked the work you did, they’ll be happy to recommend you.
If you don’t have a lot of management experience, hopefully you have plenty of experience in the field with an impressive degree. Be prepared to discuss your credentials if the question ever comes up — because it will.

Find a Point of Contact

If you have a long list of happy clients, this one won’t be very hard. Keep in touch with them. After you finish a project, schedule a follow-up call. This shows you stand behind your work, and it’s a great opportunity to remind them of the work you did. The recommendation of a satisfied customer is better than a great resume any day.
And don’t just keep in touch with the boss – account managers, office assistants or even the guy who buzzed you in each morning can all be valuable leads. Employees move around. If you hear of a job coming available, check if you know anyone working for that company, and reach out to them. It’s always helpful to have someone on the inside who can vouch for you.

Be Honest

Sometimes it’s tempting to hide the truth when things don’t go as planned, but don’t do it. If you run into a bad situation on the job, fess up and work with the client to find a solution. This demonstrates that you’re willing to take responsibility and solve problems. No matter how great your past experiences have been, if a client doesn’t feel they can trust you, they won’t ever hire you again or recommend you. But if you’re honest with them, they’ll remember it.

Provide Regular Updates

Once you take on a client, the most important thing you can do to maintain that business — and hopefully turn it into more — is to keep your client updated on a regularly basis. Schedule a weekly meeting or assign yourself to send a weekly email to provide regular status updates on the project. This shows the client that you’re not only on top of things, but well aware of timelines and sticking to them. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your communication skills.

MICI – a Leader in Industrial Staffing in the Northwest

Take advantage of any opportunity to communicate with your clients, because that’s your opportunity to shape the way they remember you — and that’s what leads to more work! Once you do secure your next big win, contact MICI and one of our Staffing Solution Specialists and we’ll make sure you have the best team for the project.

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