How to Keep Craftsmen Motivated During Tough Projects

Wednesday, 16 August
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Craftsmen are among the toughest, hardest-working, and most determined professionals in the workforce. It takes a lot to tank their high energy levels and dash their spirits. This keeps project managers from having to worry about employee morale…most of the time. However, when the tough projects roll around, industrial leaders are often caught off guard. Knowing how to keep craftsmen motivated through the roughest periods means you and your team can handle any project confidently.

Be upfront about the challenges.

Resist the urge to understate or completely ignore the challenges when speaking with your team. You’re in the best position to tackle difficult projects successfully when everyone is informed and on the same page. Don’t overwhelm craftsmen with unnecessary concerns, but avoid being too vague. Simply letting craftsmen know what they can expect can drastically improve the team’s resiliency and productivity.

Break the project down into smaller parts.

Depending on its presentation, the same project can seem reasonably achievable or virtually impossible. As a project manager, you’re tasked with framing the toughest projects in a way that keeps your team engaged and motivated. One of the most effective strategies is breaking down the project into smaller parts. This way, your team only has to focus on a single, achievable goal at a time. Just make sure not to lose sight of the big picture to keep everybody on the right track.

Communicate clearly and regularly.

The stakes are high in the industrial sector. The room for error is already incredibly slim under “normal” conditions. When dealing with seriously difficult projects, even the slightest hiccup can result in complete failure. Project managers can eliminate a sizeable chunk of possible failures by optimizing communication on the job site. Sound too good to be true? Well, studies show that 86% of employees blame lack of communication and collaboration as the primary cause of failures.

Show appreciation for hard work.

Positive feedback is crucial for maintaining morale and boosting confidence within your team, especially during tougher projects. One study showed that up to 40% of your team could become disengaged when not receiving regular feedback. In fact, 82% of employees said they appreciate hearing both positive feedback and constructive criticism from their employers. This requires some time commitment on your part, but it’ll pay off in greater productivity, engagement, and focus. That sounds like a worthwhile trade-off if you ask us!

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Make time to have fun.

Between prolonged shifts and working overtime, craftsmen don’t have a lot to look forward to when grinding through a challenging project. Any effort you can make to inject some fun into the mix can work wonders for elevating spirits and distracting from the struggle. Pizza party lunches, loud music breaks, or tasty refreshments are just a few possible options. If you’re really in a time crunch, you can always reward your team with something at the finish line. This is a fantastic way to keep job satisfaction high even during rough times.

Ask craftsmen what they need.

There’s a big difference between what project managers brainstorm on paper and what craftsmen experience on the ground. No amount of planning or preparation can account for everything your team comes across in the trenches. If you want your team to maintain a high level of performance with tight deadlines, challenging weather, and other stressful conditions, you should give them all the tools and resources they request. But, don’t wait until they come to you. Make a habit of routinely asking your team members what they need as challenges on the job site change regularly.

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