How to Increase Job Satisfaction Among Construction Employees

Wednesday, 28 December
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Job satisfaction is significantly higher among craftsmen than the workforce average with more than 80% somewhat or extremely satisfied with their work. However, this doesn’t protect project managers and construction businesses from the downsides of decreased job satisfaction. The industry is still struggling to overcome significant labor shortages and high turnover rates. Increasing job satisfaction can lead to a longer-lasting, more cohesive, better communicating, and more productive team.

Prioritize the well-being of your team.

Team safety should remain every project manager’s number one priority on the job site – no matter what. Craftsmen understand the risks involved in their line of work and expect construction leaders to have their well-being in mind throughout all stages of a project. Don’t take this trust for granted. Make sure you’re staying up to date with all relevant industry standards, remaining on top of required safety training, and maintaining an open line of communication with team members to field any safety concerns. Feeling safe on the job site is a necessary precursor to building job satisfaction.

Maintain an open line of communication.

Communication in the construction industry is a two-way street. Successful project managers listen just as much as (if not more than) they speak to their craftsmen. Given the high-stakes nature of the sector, it’s impossible to keep issues from arising. So, job satisfaction is more dependent upon your ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently than your ability to avoid them altogether. Creating a culture of communication and collaboration in which craftsmen feel comfortable airing their concerns gives leaders an opportunity to address them to keep everyone as happy as possible.

Reward positive achievements.

Construction leaders have a significant impact on how craftsmen view their work. Acknowledging a job well done encourages similar results, reinforces positive characteristics, promotes a healthy team culture, and motivates all team members. In fact, research has shown that employees are 2.7 times more likely to be engaged when their work might be recognized. A simple “thank you” or “great job” is more than enough to keep your employees feeling good about their work and striving to do better. You don’t have to offer the praise publicly if you’re worried about alienating other members of the team.

Build a sense of camaraderie.

Job satisfaction is highly reliant on the relationship employees have with project leaders, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. Craftsmen also have to feel like a member of the team in order to become invested in the work. Building a sense of camaraderie amongst your construction employees can boost satisfaction among everyone while ensuring new recruits are ushered into the club quickly. The nature of construction is conducive to creating tight-knit teams but there are still some steps you can follow to support the process such as creating a standardized onboarding process so everyone’s on the same page, establishing clear roles, and promoting team-building activities.

Use a staffing specialist.

Hiring the right candidates is essential for maintaining a high level of job satisfaction among your team members. A poor fit for your team won’t have a positive experience even with positive encouragement, open communication, strong safety measures, and a robust team bond. By working with an experienced construction staffing specialist, you can rest assured you’re getting a candidate whose personal preferences and professional experience align with your business’s objectives and current team. This makes maintaining high job satisfaction significantly easier.

Finding it tough to attract the right craftsmen? We’ve got you covered! At Madden Craftsmen, we specialize in helping local PNW construction leaders find the best talent for their projects. Feel free to check out employer resources to get started or submit a job order to kickstart the recruitment process.

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