Why Military Vets Make Great Craftsmen

Monday, 30 October
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There’s a huge demand for construction, and a big shortage of available skilled craftsmen to fill the labor need. With more than 200,000 military service members that are entering the workforce in the US each year, veterans can make a huge impact to decrease your company’s labor gap. And the best news is that Military Vets make really great craftsmen too! Here are some of their qualities, which give you big reasons to consider hiring a veteran for your next available job:


The military is great at teaching their members that small failures are just part of the learning process to achieve a bigger goal. It’s ingrained in them to keep at it until they reach their objective.



Veterans know how to think quick on their feet to overcome obstacles and figure out a solution. This is extremely valuable on a building project, when the unexpected is bound to happen.



They’re great at working on a team to accomplish a goal. They know how to pull out the strengths of each individual to work together to get an assignment done.



Most veterans have had to adhere to hierarchy with strict procedures that help protect their military unit, and allow it to function well.



The military environment breeds a big adherence for safety, and they’re taught to quickly respond in an emergency. This is a huge asset on construction site, where it can be just as crucial for survival!



They might have some different lingo, but many of their military assignments gave them the exact experience that you need for the job. If you’re not sure how their military position might apply, ask questions about the duties and skills they used in their service there, to see if they’re a match.


Veterans can be a huge asset to your team of builders, and Madden encourages your organization to consider creating a program that attracts and cultivates their contribution to your team. It might require some specific training, however the qualities they inherited from the military will make them invaluable on your team.

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