How Poor Construction Staffing Can Negatively Impact Job Site Safety

Wednesday, 13 July
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Many project managers see staffing as an isolated component of their business. They understand that poor hiring practices can have negative repercussions but often misjudge the extent. Perhaps the most overlooked and damaging side effect of less-than-ideal construction staffing is reduced job site safety. There are a variety of ways a bad hiring strategy can lead to greater security risks for all professionals no matter what kind of safety standards project managers have in place.

High turnover rates reduce the culture of safety.

Creating a safe job site isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. It’s something that’s cultivated over time. As craftsmen become more familiar and skilled in proper safety protocol, the entire job site becomes safer. They know what risks to look out for and how to protect against them. High turnover rates resulting from poor staffing can threaten the security and safety that teams develop. It can take months to build a cohesive team with good communication and robust safety standards. When construction companies struggle to maintain a consistent team, it’s tough to develop that foundational culture of safety.

Bad hires might not look out for team members.

It’s impossible for a craftsman to predict and avoid all potential safety hazards on the job site. There are simply too many to worry about. That’s why it’s so important for craftsmen to look out for each other. When project managers find the right construction professionals, there’s a certain level of collaboration and cohesiveness that forms between all team members. Everyone has each other’s backs, especially when it comes to safety. It’s an unspoken and unwritten rule of the job site. Bad hires who only look out for numero uno might not buy into this camaraderie which can threaten the security of the entire team.

There’s less time to focus on job site safety.

Project managers wear a lot of hats on the job site, and one of the most important is as safety czar. These construction leaders are in charge of making sure everything is in line with safety standards and protocols. They have to balance safety, quality, and productivity to keep their team safe, clients happy, and the business healthy. Inefficient hiring practices can eat up an inordinate amount of a manager’s limited attention which reduces the time put towards safety responsibilities. This can lead to a riskier job site which inevitably leads to delays, slower output, higher costs, and other inefficiencies.

You can’t formalize safety practices and security norms.

Effective hiring practices aren’t just about finding the right candidates. The onboarding process includes a process of assimilation where new recruits are taught the standard operating procedures of the team. A key part of this transition phase is teaching new hires about the team’s safety standards and protocols. However, when project managers don’t have formalized and organized hiring procedures, it’s impossible to maintain a reliable safety standard. On the other hand, a carefully crafted and repeatable onboarding process ensures all members of the team are on the same page when it comes to job site safety.

Improve hiring practices to increase job site safety.

There’s nothing more important to a project manager than the health and safety of their craftsmen. After all, these construction professionals are the most important asset construction companies have. Project managers can solve their hiring woes and safety concerns by outsourcing their recruitment needs to construction staffing experts. These professionals handle all the hiring and onboarding demands so project managers can get the talented craftsmen they need while having more time to focus on other areas such as job site safety.

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