Construction Trends To Expect Post-COVID

Building site manager using corona practices-cm

Many construction projects were deemed “essential” during the Coronavirus outbreak, and so our industry had to adapt to the new and innovative forms of both onsite and remote working to keep to social distancing standards. While it may take a while before we all go back to full operation again, there will probably be an entirely new ‘normal.’  We’ve already seen some shifts in priorities in our clients’ projects, and luckily the construction business is hardly new to change and innovation. Here are some indications of upcoming client priorities that your business should be aware of:


Air Quality Priority

There’s already been a trend towards energy efficiency in HVAC systems, but now there may be a stronger inclination to maximize air quality to support human wellness. According to a study by Harvard University, coronavirus cases were worse in areas with poor air quality. And because people generally spend 90% of their time indoors, this could make a significant difference in furthering the health and safety for all buildings. The WELL Building Standard, which gives design guidelines for indoor air quality, may be a certification to consider for your business. There will likely be a demand for contractors who know how to reduce or remove air pollution for building projects.


Offsite Work

The modular and prefabrication construction process is largely done offsite, so it’s a great process for more control over the safety and wellbeing of your craftsmen. <insert link to Madden article about this> We suggest you start researching how it can be used for your future projects if you’re not familiar with it already. You may need some additional warehouse space, and likely that you’ll use new suppliers, so now is a great time to start researching and seeing if it makes sense for your business. At the very least you could plan more of your projects in advance and use warehouse space for at least some work or assembly when possible.


Conversion of Space

In New York, the Army has converted hotel and dorm rooms into coronavirus hospital rooms. This may continue in other places around the country, depending upon if and how the virus continues to outbreak. And with all the work and meetings that were done online and through video conferences, as well as more shopping online, we know that many office and retail spaces will be available for rent. These spaces will likely be converted into different uses – such as warehouse spaces, co-working spaces, and other new expanding industries. Being able to either set up temporary rooms or converting space for another use will be a specialty that will be in demand!


Transportation Projects

With fewer people driving, the revenue from fuel-taxes has decreased significantly. This means that many states’ Department of Transportation projects may be cancelled or postponed. In fact, as of mid May this year, there were already ten states that had done so. However, a report done on the effects of coronavirus to our industry recently showed that airport rejuvenation projects – which were originally predicted to do well this year – should continue to increase, especially now that there is less traffic at the airport.


As you know by now, things are changing in the industry every day, both during and after COVID, so continue to keep an eye on how things might develop and affect your business portfolio. And if you’re looking for craftsmen who can help you with these new priorities, give Madden Industrial Craftsmen a call! We’ll match workers that have the experience and training you need. Find out more about Madden Industrial Craftsmen at