5 Unconventional Questions To Ask Your Candidates In An Interview

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If you have a chance to ask a few unusual, and unexpected questions in an interview, it can give you some great insight on your candidate. Here’s a few questions to try, and what they can tell you about your candidate:

“What is your definition of a hard worker?”

This question can highlight how they might fit into your culture and/or the position. They might be a really fast-paced worker and the position requires slow steady concentrated work. Or they might be someone who prefers to work in sprints, which could be ideal for your culture.


“What would you be happiest doing every day?”

It is extremely helpful to find out what activities your candidate would most enjoy doing on a daily basis, because if it fits in well with the position and your culture, they’ll be more likely to perform at a higher level.


“What’s a job, task, or project that you’d never want to do again, and why?”

This will reveal what types of positions wouldn’t be ideal for them, but even deeper, it can really highlight any personal issues or situations to give you further insight on their reactions and attitude at the workplace. Perhaps the project was poorly planned by the team leader – or maybe they just didn’t get along with the team. Their answers can also give you a glimpse to their leadership skills and business acumen.


“We are always looking to innovate and improve, have you ever suggested – or wanted to suggest – a big change to the company you were working for?”

Most high performing candidates love to answer this question, because they always have ideas to improve a job or company. They’re looking to maximize their experience and also give the best service possible to your customers. Circumstances may have prevented them from actually making a suggestion, but if they were part of a big improvement they’ll be excited to tell you all about it.


“What would be your ideal offer from us?”

This question can be very powerful to find out what they want in a job and career, especially if they’re a top candidate. If you want them on your team, find out what it would take to get them there – they might tell you something that’s easy for you to provide so that they’ll pick you and your company over the next.


Madden can help you with more interview questions, give us a call if you’d like further insight on your candidate or more questions to ask in a job interview.