Exciting Innovations in Construction Materials

Wednesday, 17 January
Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of building comp

There are some amazing new innovations from around the world that could change the way we build and make all kinds of things. Check out these amazing new materials that are blowing our mind with possibility:


Silk is actually 5 times stronger than steel, and so many people are researching new ways to recreate what spiders create in nature to trap their prey. Italian inventor Luca Allesandrini took a silk composite and used 3D Modeling to create a violin with the material. The consistent sound qualities have sparked interest in now creating acoustic panels and tile with the material.


Stable Soil

In undeveloped countries, dirt roads can be very unreliable, and washed away in rain and bad weather. Aggrebind, a US based company, has created a water-based styrene acrylic polymer that stabilizes dirt and soil, keeping roads safely in tact in a wet storm. The company also says this reduces road construction costs by up to 60 percent!



Because of gas emissions, concrete is one of the most environmentally unfriendly materials. However, there are many new varieties with reduced emissions. There’s a new concrete that is actually made to promote moss growth, as well as a pollution-absorbing cement. One company even created a concrete that is green for the environment because it uses blast furnace slag in its production, which is also literally green in color!


Bamboo Reinforcements

The Swiss have developed a way to make bamboo reinforcements that replace the traditional steel rebar in concrete. They mixed bamboo fibers with an organic resin that results in a material that doesn’t rot or degrade!


Aluminum Foam

This exciting new material is created by injecting air into molten aluminum. It’s 60% lighter than fiberglass, which is great for more efficient speeds on trains and planes. It also is much safer for small impacts such as stones and birds because it absorbs the impact better. Made of 50% recycled materials, it’s great for the environment as well.


If you’re looking to add some new talent to your team that would love to help you learn more about these new materials and how to use them, give Madden a call today.

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