How to Attract Younger Craftsmen

Wednesday, 24 October
Carpenter's at work

Younger generations are generally being swayed away from the trades, and encouraged to go to college instead. However, the good news for us is that the current Millennial candidates aren’t as motivated by stability or money, as in generations past, because they’re more interested in a job that fits their desired lifestyle. A 2016 study by Deloitte showed that almost 20% of Millennials will evaluate their career opportunity by good work-life balance. The trades, in particular, are great for these younger candidates, because the project-based employment can offer them the ability to have the work-life balance they want.  Here’s some specific things that these candidates are looking for, and may reconsider working in the trades at your organization if you can offer them:


Millennials place a priority on having a sense of meaning and purpose in their job. They aim to work at a company that matches their own personal values. They want to know that the work they’re doing is making a positive impact in society as a whole, as well as at the organization. Communicate your company values on a regular basis, and show younger candidates how your your business is helping your customers.



Millennials want a higher ability to work on their own schedule, at their own time. Most craftsmen need to be on site for their workday- but if you can offer job opportunities that are temporary, part time or at their own hours, this will be highly attractive to the lifestyle candidate. Be creative and consider new ways to allow them to control their schedule or work on their own. They have an amazing capacity to seamlessly blend life and work because the traditional 9-5 concept is outdated to them.



Studies show that the most loyal Millennial workers get training and support, so that they can grow their skills and career. They want their opinion to be heard, and given opportunity for to be leadership positions. They don’t want to just clock in, they want to make an impact to your projects and mission. Show them a clear track for advancement in their career, and don’t overlook younger team members’ potential contribution to the success of the organization.



Younger candidates are living in the digital age and are looking forward to exciting new innovations that are released every day. They simply just won’t care as much about the celebrated history of your organization; they’re much more interested in seeing you embrace and try new technologies. They’re forward thinking, so they’d put long-term profitability over short-term gains. They want to explore and discuss new ideas and ways of working, so involve them in developing new innovation, and place a priority on organizational sustainability and well-being while doing so.



Lifestyle candidates will look to employers that treat employees well, with fairness. They want to do true honest work that helps the world, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t value profit. They know it’s important for the organization to make money, so just be up front about your goals and they’ll do the same, which allows you to work to reach them together.


In general, show the younger generation that they will be able to create more work-life balance, and they’ll be much more interested in working for you!  If you’re looking to make sure you have younger craftsmen round out your team, Madden Industrial Staffing is here to help you find the most talented craftsmen available. And, don’t forget the Madden Apprenticeship Program is another great place to find and train younger workers too. Just give us a call today!

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