How To Speed Up the Adoption of New Technology


The construction industry is not known for adopting new technology very quickly. Nearly every other industry is much faster at integrating new solutions. However, with the labor gap, there have been more and more advancements to help compensate – to take best advantage of the good talent you have and automate where possible. Plus it could give you a huge competitive advantage in a market that is quickly changing! But if you’re going to be trying new technology, it’s important that your people embrace it and use it. Here are some tips to make sure that your craftsmen will give it a fair shot so that you experience the efficiencies and streamlined operations that technology can provide:


Create Buy-In

The key with anything new you plan to introduce to your team is empathy. Recognize how the solutions will help them. What will they get out of it? Will their reports be easier? Can they spend less time at a desk? Will they be able to see updates in real time?  Be clear with them how they’ll benefit when you bring them new solutions. And also understand any downsides too, such as time they need to spend learning something new, or things they’ll miss about the way it was done before. Explain how you can see that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine! If they feel understood, they’ll be more likely to accept something new.


Communicate Vision

Give your team the big picture. Why are you introducing this? How will it help the company with their goals, and ultimately help your craftsmen with theirs? Paint a picture that is compelling and promising – so that they feel happy to support. Bonus points if you had the foresight to get them involved and help with the vision from the outset! Involve Involve any team members who took part in finding this technology and helping to implement it into your building process!


Identify a Spokesman

If there is indeed a craftsman on the team that has been involved, and knows this technology well – or has spent some time testing it out – they can help you promote it to the whole team! Empower these internal champions to show their colleagues how the new technology will work. This allows your team to ask questions from someone besides leadership, and also creates faster buy-in and participation.


Training and Development

Yes, training will take some time, money, and other resources. But the training is crucial, not just so that your team can learn the new technology, but so that they’ll embrace it! Employees who feel incapable or under supported are going to be unhappy. That will lead to mistakes and underperformance, which could mean lost employees, materials, or even customers. In the end, it will likely cost you many more resources and money than proper training would!


Implement Fast

The quicker your team is using this new technology on a daily basis in your organization, the better the chances they’ll get over any issues around adopting it. As soon as you start seeing results, share them with the team! Show all the wins that your company and/or the team is getting from using it, you’ll create a smoother road to adopt the new technology.


Open Feedback

Make sure to create and keep an open track of communication back and forth with your team. Make it clear that they have the opportunity to come and ask questions, give suggestions, or even complain freely with you so that you know if it’s truly an advantage. And if you notice a trend of skeptical craftsmen, you may want to take a hard look at this solution. Does it really help out the organization? Be willing to drop it if not! Technology is moving so fast, so there’s probably another solution out there that might fit better for your team.


If you’re looking for craftsmen who can adopt new technologies in construction, give Madden Industrial Staffing a call today! We’re here to help you attract the best talent in the trades, so that you can focus on doing what you do best – buildings of our future.