Exciting New HVAC Solutions


Digital innovations are doing a lot to make HVAC systems more efficient, and thankfully more convenient and comfortable too!! Here are some of the solutions that have been introduced recently due to these new technologies:

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostat technology gives users the ability to remotely manage the temperature in their home with a smartphone or tablet. This obviously is more user-friendly, but these systems also can give analytics and other data that can help save money on energy costs. They are particularly great because, more than just being able to create customized schedules, you can actually have complete control over your HVAC system remotely.


Sensor Activated

Surveys show that the majority of people aren’t comfortable with their building’s AC, which is such a huge waste of energy and defeats the whole point of air conditioning in the first place – which is to make people comfortable!! One technology that helps with this is to use motion sensors. In other words, the air conditioning doesn’t come on unless it’s activated by movement. That way, energy for air conditioning is not being wasted when someone is not there. There’s also new sensors available for individual air vents, which allow you to have control of temperature room-by-room, as well as the air pressure and quality.


Thermally Driven

Thermally Driven air conditioning is a system that works using both natural gas and solar energy. It’s one of the most energy efficient cooling systems, and extremely price effective because there are also no electricity costs! It also has less moving parts than traditional HVAC systems, so there’s less maintenance and repair needed.


Ice Air-Conditioners

The new ice-powered air conditioning actually creates hundreds of pounds of ice throughout the night. Then, the next day, that same ice is used for the cooling system, instead of a traditional compressor, which gives it an energy savings of up to 30%!


Air Quality Monitoring

With more attention to health and wellness, indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an area of interest for many organizations, especially because research has shown that a high amount of CO2 in the air will lower performance in the workplace! Thus, new systems that are able to monitor your air quality have been introduced, and are quite popular in places where pollution is high. Proper venting and detection of CO2 concentration are the two areas that have given new HVAC systems better control.


Variable Refrigerant Flow

Also known as VRF, this system uses refrigerant piping from an outdoor vent, with the ability to give each pipe a different amount of heating and cooling. This means that there’s individual control over each space or room independently in an efficient manner.


There are many more new technologies that are making HVAC systems more efficient, energy saving, and safe and comfortable for the people using it! If you’re looking to hire craftsmen for your next smart building project, give Madden Industrial Staffing a call today.