4 Ways to Make Your Construction More Appealing Through Sustainability

Tuesday, 19 July
Green grass construction

Over the past 20 years, sustainability has become a big buzzword in the construction community.

Not only do non-sustainable buildings emit energy, and produce waste materials, but environmental experts are beginning to look at the effect all this building is having on the world overall.  This means there will be more studies and research, which will most likely prove the importance of sustainability.

In the UK, research has already shown that 45 percent of overall carbon emissions come from the built environment.

With an increased call for more responsibility for both public welfare and environmental sustainability, how can you become better at making your construction projects more sustainable?

Here’s 4 ways to make your construction more appealing through sustainability:


What do you think of when you imagine sustainable design? To me it looks like a green roof. Green roofs exist to maximize the use of the natural resources around the building and to limit the impact on the surrounding environment. Green roofs are relatively inexpensive to build but can have a significant impact especially on runoff if you live in a particularly rainy part of the country.


While some companies boast about building using recycled materials, for the most part, they are underutilized. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 75% of construction waste could be recycled. Recycled materials benefit the environment by reducing landfills, reducing costs and passing the savings on to clients leading to better prices and more satisfied clients.


Smart glass is one of the best ways to lower costs and make your project more sustainable. Smart Glass is Thermochromic, which allows it to change transparency and color based on the amount of heat it’s being exposed to. This means that the glass helps to block out the heat and sunlight in the summer and let in the heat and light to reduce heating and electricity costs in the winter.


When buildings go up, they block the rainwater that would usually absorb into the ground below the building. This can lead to flooding, which can pollute plants and contaminate soil. Some of the best technologies to battle this problem are porous pavement and tree box filters. Porous pavement allows the rainwater to get through and tree box filters sit under trees in order to block pollutants before the water is used to water other plants.

Sustainability is the new normal.

From now on construction teams are going to have to think about the environmental and sustainable impact of their projects as well as the plans and drafts.

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