Tips for Closing Out a Project Smoothly, Efficiently, and Successfully

Wednesday, 27 July
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It’s common for a construction team’s energy, focus, and drive to slowly wane over the lifespan of a project. By the time everything is wrapping up, there’s a tendency for project managers and craftsmen to look towards the finish line rather than focusing on the task at hand. This can lead to last-minute issues, delays, and hiccups. Ending a project strongly is just as important as getting started on a high note. There are a few key strategies managers can follow to close out a project smoothly, efficiently, and successfully.

Make sure project deliverables are met.

There’s no point in trying to remember everything you need to finalize for a project. It’s all clearly outlined in the project contract. Simply break out the document and review all the contractual obligations instead of relying on memory or hearsay. It’s easy for small and seemingly insignificant aspects to fall through the cracks when you’re focused on the big-ticket items. Make a note of everything that has yet to get completed and use it as a final checklist. When each item is checked off, you can know with certainty that the project is completed successfully. Be sure to let all relevant team members know about their remaining obligations and duties so everyone can get them done at the same time.

Get approval from customers.

It’s difficult for project managers to relax without knowing customers are satisfied with the outcome. Instead of guessing, take the time to get an unofficial sign-off from the client. Set up a meeting right before the project is completed to make sure everything is up to their standard. It’s vital to stay in contact with clients throughout the entire project, but this collaboration takes on new importance towards the end. This gives clients confidence knowing their money is well spent while giving you and your team the assurance that the final delivery will match expectations. Don’t forget to include all stakeholders in this final wrap-up process to ensure everyone is happy.

Make notes of key takeaways.

Every project brings with it learning opportunities that have the potential to improve what your team of craftsmen brings to the table. It’s all about learning from past mistakes, making necessary changes, and growing to new heights. However, these lessons aren’t learned automatically. You have to take the time to identify key takeaways relevant for future projects. Make sure to share these findings with team members whether they’re on the managerial or team level. This strategy ensures your offerings are improving with every project, making it possible to land bids more consistently.

Stress internal communication.

Project managers should seek to improve collaboration on the job site at all times. However, this connectivity has a more impactful and decisive role as the project rolls to a close. It’s essential to have everyone from the greenest craftsmen to the most experienced managers on the same page. Communication can deteriorate over time, even with a strong and intentional start. Whether you need to schedule more meetings or simply remind your team to stay in touch, this site-wide communication is essential for closing out a project successfully.

Archive important documents.

It’s tempting to get rid of everything once a project is complete to make physical and mental space for the next project. While it’s not practical to hold onto everything, there are some crucial documents that should get stored for later use, including:

  • Contractor Agreements
  • Schedules
  • Work Orders
  • Project Specifications
  • Blueprints
  • Invoices

Some of these documents are important for internal reasons, and others are crucial for future work whether it’s with the same client or new customers.

Finding the right construction talent is key to completing a project smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. If you’re struggling to find the best craftsmen for the job, the construction staffing experts at Madden Craftsmen can help! For decades, we’ve helped project managers find the qualified and talented professionals needed to get the job done. Contact us to learn more about our refined hiring practices and how your business can benefit.

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