How To Create A Culture That Attracts The Best Candidates

Wednesday, 20 September
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It’s no secret that good craftsmen are in demand. A good paycheck matters, but not as much as your company culture. Studies show that people are more likely to leave a job because of a bad environment, than because of their paycheck. Here’s how to ensure that you’re attracting top talent to your company or project:


96% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a transparent company. It helps build trust and can contribute to strong sense of loyalty and bonding early on. Be transparent, right from the beginning – even in your hiring interviews.


Most workers will actually tell you that stability is the most important factor when choosing a job, and it’s becoming harder to come by in this day and age of flexible schedules and shorter tenures. Demonstrate how you give them stability through consistent and authentic systems and leadership that they can count on.


Harvard Business Review says that most high performers report that they’re not getting the feedback they need to learn and get better. This is especially true for millennials because they are used to getting instant feedback from all the digital tools they use, so do the same for their work. They don’t want to wait for an annual review to find out how they can excel.

Growth Opportunity

High-achievers naturally look for ways to advance their talents and career. If you can’t give ambitious talent a goal or role to look forward to, they’ll likely look elsewhere for those opportunities. Showing the organization’s hierarchy, and telling them how they can rise through the ranks, is an important motivator.

Strong Brand

A strong brand usually comes from understanding and communicating exactly what your company’s specialty is. Make sure that both your internal and external marketing tells people what how you’re different and better than your competition.


Real innovation is less about a cool project or doing what’s trendy, and more about being a workplace that welcomes new ideas and perspectives. Create an easy way for your people to give suggestions, and actually implement and try new things. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the way it was before. Short-term experiments are an easy way to see if it will work without a huge investment up front.

When employers have a strong culture, your employees practically do the recruiting for you. It’s really pretty simple; if you want to attract the best, then create an environment where there’s support and opportunity to be the best.

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