Read This Before You Try New Construction Technology!

Architect using digital tablet at site-cm

There are some incredible innovations in construction materials, software, and equipment — much of which was developed to help construction companies be more efficient in these times when labor is sparse! This includes alternative approaches to the standard building process, such as augmented reality, modular construction, and shipping container homes. And there’s some really cool new inventions out there, like robots that dig and tunnel through the earth, self-driving vehicles that take away the danger of monotonous tasks, and productivity software that can help teams get rid of pen and paper forever! But before you decide to try one of these amazing new business and building toys, we suggest you take the right steps to make sure it makes sense for your company:


Audit Your Current Tech

Before you decide to jump into anything, take a full inventory of what you’re using and doing already. Then examine it to see what is working well, and what’s not. What areas could use some improvement and growth? And consider that even those areas that are highly profitable might not be in the near future because of other things going on in your market or competition. If there’s a specific technology that you’re considering, look at the potential return on investment it could bring – and is that realistic? Make sure to include your team in this process, they’re on the jobsite daily and know what’s going on in the trenches.


Research Possible Vendors

Once you determine the tools or area where you need help in your operations, then research all the different ways that you can add or replace with new technology. Even if you have a specific tech in mind, look at the competitors and other processes that can accomplish your new goals. You’ll likely come across something that you didn’t even know about that could be easier or cheaper than the one you had your eye on. And don’t just look at ease of use or the expense; do a full evaluation of how it will help you accomplish your business goals. It might be worth a higher investment if it saves a ton of valuable labor hours, for example.


Consult with Your Team

Getting early buy-in from your key members of the team will be incredibly helpful as you rollout any new tech. No matter how great the potential is, it’s only going to work if your craftsmen are on board too. It falls in their hands to optimize the application of any new tools and processes. Get their input on which tech you select, how they think it should be implemented, and the best ways to integrate it into your projects. Find some leaders who are champions for the new tech that can spread excitement to the rest of the team.


Do A Test Run

Try out the new tech or software with a project or trial period. Then talk to the craftsmen who are using and supervising this new technology, get their feedback on what’s working and what’s not, then make adjustments from there. As you’re evaluating whether or not it’s going to work for your projects in the long run, remember that there’s going to be a learning curve and your craftsmen will get faster and better at executing anything new with repetition as they practice and hone in their muscle and mind to it.


Provide Thorough Training

Once you decide you want to purchase and apply this new tech to your business, make sure you give your craftsmen all the training it takes to help them succeed with it. Be transparent about your goals, and why you are integrating it into your operations. Review how it fits and improves current tasks and show them how it can eventually make their jobs easier or better too! Check in with your team regularly to see if it’s still working well and continue to make any necessary changes to the process to get even better results.


This might seem like a long-drawn-out process, but you’ll see the rewards with better efficiency when done thoughtfully with intent and planning. If you need more craftsmen that can help you select or apply your new construction tech, contact Maddden Craftsmen! You don’t have to sift through resumes or conduct interviews — we’ll make sure you have the talented craftsmen in place that you need to ensure success for your next project.