How to Make Your Craftsmen Feel Valued


Your construction projects will go much smoother when your craftsmen feel like a valued part of the team. And there are ways to do it, even if they are on temporary placement! Here are our suggestions for making sure that your team feels rewarded and cared for:

Monitor Weather Conditions

Keep an eye out for harsh elements on a weekly and daily basis, and make adjustments when necessary. Whether it’s sudden snowfall and ice, or sweltering hot humidity and heat, it’s important to recognize how this will affect your craftsmen on the job site. This may mean a delay in the project, or it may just mean that you need more workers to cover shorter shifts so they’re not over-exposed to the elements. Create a rest area to give workers a reprieve from the cold or heat. All of this will show your craftsmen that you care about their well-being, while also maximizing their safety and efficiency during extreme conditions.

Get to know them!

We know you’re busy and labor is tight, but taking the time to build a connection with your craftsmen should be top priority.  It’s hands-down one of the easiest and biggest motivational drivers! Especially if they’re on temporary placement, they’re going to feel much more invested the quicker they feel a bond with you and your team. Find out their interests and ask them about their family. And expressing genuine appreciation for their work will go a long way! When you include them in all of your staff communications and gatherings, they will feel like they belong and want to contribute more to the success of the team and building project.

Communicate well

There’s no better way to It’s not unusual for our contractors to find that they weren’t copied on emails or invited to company meetings.  Remember, they’re starting out at the disadvantage of not having inside knowledge of things, so don’t make it worse! Make sure to include them in your company communications, invite them to staff gatherings, and update them on any big changes so that they know the details and tactics that will help your organization reach its goals. Many of our consultants won’t have the same opportunity for regular employee reviews, so it’s important to give them clear and consistent expectations – and then offer feedback on that much more quickly. Give them praise right away, and offer what could be done better too! Be specific and tell them why. Show them how the results of their work, and tell them if it’s was effective (or not) and how.

Establish an appreciation program

Many companies will establish some sort of appreciation program as a way to recognize and reward their team’s skills and contributions. There are a variety of ways to do this, and one of the most popular is to use a point-based system where your workers can earn points that they can redeem for rewards of some kind. The Madden Appreciation Program does this for our employees, where they can earn popular items such as flashlights, gloves, or Madden t-shirts. We’ve seen many construction companies, in particular, who will give points based on safety practices.This helps increase safety AND get your team excited about your company.


If you’re looking for top craftsmen that are are motivated to do well on a building project, give Madden a call today! We can help you attract and hire the best craftsmen for your next project.