Ways To Show Your Employees Appreciation

manual worker on a workshop cm

We know that in order to be the leading industrial staffing company in the Northwest, we must keep strong relationships with clients like you, and our employees. That’s why we developed the Madden Appreciation Program as one way to recognize and reward our employees’ skills and contributions. In this program we offer points to employees that they can cash in for rewards such as work gloves, flashlights, or Madden t-shirts.

Incentive programs like this increase employee satisfaction and get people excited about your company. In fact, research shows that appreciation increases productivity by up to 50% and business outcomes up to 20%. In one study, 79% of respondents said that recognition and rewards makes them work harder! The key is to make them feel that they are a respected and valuable part of the team. Here are some easy ways that you too can show your appreciation to your people:


Appreciation Pack

Create a small pack of goodies to award to your employees periodically, perhaps for an Employee of the Month program, or just as warranted by outstanding performance. You could include merchandise with your company logo, as well as some of their own personal favorite goodies such as snacks, tools, and gift cards. By putting together a pack of awards, it’s more coveted than a basic printed certificate or trophy to put on their shelf.


Online Recognition

Profiling your high performing employees on your websites, internal newsletters, or even externally to your customers is a great way to make them feel recognized and loved. Give them a shout out on Facebook, or include a snapshot of them with a story of their awesome service on Instagram. It’s an easy extra step to supplement their recognition with kudos on social media.


Peer-to-Peer Praise

Recognition from peers might even be more valuable to your team than the awards they get from your leadership team. One solution is to institute a company-wide accessible “Book” where employees are encouraged to record their words of gratitude or congratulations for the actions and triumphs of their fellow team members. This book could be used later in staff meetings to call-out employee accomplishments and good deeds.


Point-Based Rewards

You too can create a point-based reward program with an online app such as Bonusly. The app allows you to award your staff daily with small rewards which can add up to a variety of quality rewards that they can pick and choose on their own. An online app like this makes everyday appreciation easy and automatic.



You could also gamify your recognition with system that earns stickers or badges for completing individual milestones or team goals. Points can be given for each badge, which can be turned in for rewards. Or, take gamification to a new level online through an app such as YouEarnedIt which allows both management and peers to participate in a culture of appreciation.


Whatever way you choose to show your staff your appreciation, we suggest it reflects and reinforces the values of your company. And, don’t forget that often a verbal “thank you” is sometimes all someone needs. If you’re looking for talented craftsmen to give appreciation to, give us a call at Madden today!