Home DIY Fixes That Will Label You the Handyman Hero

Wednesday, 03 November
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As a craftsman, you take pride in your handiwork both on and off the job site. Whether you’re tackling a major project at work or just doing some touchups around the house, you’re aiming for a perfect final product. This commitment to quality makes craftsmen the go-to solution whenever something needs repairing, fixing, or building at home. Here, we’ll take a look at some common DIY fixes that will help you earn the title of handyman or handywoman hero.

Securing wobbly tables and chairs.

Whenever you go out to eat and sit at a wobbly table, you don’t just accept the imbalance. You immediately start looking for a solution. Whether you need to wedge a coaster or napkin under one leg of the table or tighten a loose screw, you’ll get the job done before you can enjoy your meal. It’s just the way you are as a craftsman. It’s time to bring this same focus and attention to detail home. Check all of the tables and chairs at your house to see which aren’t sturdy enough for your taste. The culprit is typically a loose nut, a missing pad, or even an uneven floor. Your family might not notice the issue, but they’ll definitely know when it’s fixed.

Fixing ripped window or door screens.

Screens help keep your windows and doors protected from weather, debris, and excess sunlight. They also make it possible to get fresh air into your house while keeping out unwanted pests and vermin. Over time, it’s natural for these screens to develop rips and tears. While most homeowners would immediately call an over-priced professional or just leave the issue unsolved, craftsmen have the right tools and know-how to get the job done. For smaller tears, you can usually patch it up with some excess screen. Larger rips or holes might require you to completely replace the screen itself.

Tightening your home’s insulation.

You’re used to braving the elements on the job site. Whether it’s blistering heat or biting cold, you have the gear and the grit to keep pushing forward. At home, you’re probably less susceptible to temperature changes than your family or roommates. To help keep everyone as comfortable as you, give your home’s insulation a quick assessment. Look for areas where heat or AC might be escaping such as large door gaps, busted window sealants, or faulty insulation. Fixing these issues can help increase the comfort of your home while decreasing your monthly utility bills.

Repairing broken drywall anchors.

Any shortcut taken when anchoring hardware to drywall will eventually rear its ugly head. Picture frames and other lighter objects will typically last longer even with less-than-ideal work. But heavier hardware such as coat hooks or toilet roll holders can’t cover up poor installation for quite as long. As a craftsman, just the idea of having a loose screw or crooked picture frame is enough to keep you up at night. To make sure you’re getting enough sleep, take a day or two to repair all the broken drywall anchors in your home. Ideally, you can move everything to a stud as they’re just as sturdy, reliable, and durable as you. If that’s not possible, use a self-drilling drywall anchor which is specifically designed for these applications.

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