How To Prepare Your Body For Winter

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Now that the days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning color, you know that winter is indeed coming. And if you work outdoors, it’s an extra risky time of year. It’s important that you take good care of your body to stay healthy, so you can stay on the job! Here are some things you can do to prepare for cold weather work:

Get the gear

Start gathering the gear that you’ll need, and replace anything that’s missing or worn out. Besides the obvious warm shirts and jacket, you’ll need a good hat or helmet liner, gloves, and protective eyewear too. Bonus: it’s often easier to find discounts for cold weather equipment in the off seasons.


Get accustomed to consuming a lot of water regularly. The benefits of drinking water are endless. Drink drink drink! And use some moisturizer on your face and body too. You’ll be grateful you did when others complain of painful cracked skin.

Stay fit

Keeping your body in tip top shape now will pay off when you’re braving the elements later. Hit the gym. Go on an adventure outside. Take advantage of the daylight before it goes away.

Take your vitamins

Vitamin C and Zinc are known to help fight off the common cold. Stock up your supply and eat vegetables and seafoods that are high in these vitamins too! You’ll build up a strong immune system for the hard cold work ahead.

Eat healthy

Foods rich in probiotics (found in yogurt, sauer kraut, and kambucha) and prebiotics (onions, sweet potatoes, and garlic) are especially healthy for your ability to fight off disease. In general, eat more whole foods and grains and skip the processed stuff.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! For the best results, start getting ready for winter now, and enjoy the autumn sunshine while you’re at it.