Great Podcasts to Help Your Construction Career

Wednesday, 05 February

Here at Madden Staffing, we’re always looking for great resources to pass onto our craftsmen who want to elevate their career and learn about the latest trends in their craft. Podcasts are an easy way to learn on the go! Listen from your phone or tablet on the way to and from a jobsite or at the gym or woodshop at home. Here’s a few that we recommend to be entertained and discover more about our industry:

Construction Citizen

If you want to keep up with the latest design trends, techniques, and equipment in the industry, this 10-minute weekly podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by Scott Braddock, you’ll hear important news and highlights that contractors and clients alike will be interested in.

Contracting Coachcast

This daily 15-minute podcast is hosted by Tony Booth, who worked for over 30 years for some of the largest contractors in the world as well as owning his own small firms. He talks about a wide variety of subjects including recruiting, leadership, budgets and more in this resourceful podcast, which is especially helpful for startups and small businesses.

Blue Collar Proud Way

The BCP podcast is hosted by Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill who have a mission to build a better world by strengthening blue-collar businesses. The podcast features interviews with leading authors, speakers, coaches, and successful business owners who are leading their loyal community of blue-collar business owners aiming to make their businesses stronger.

Dirt Work Diaries

Hosted by Adam Heyler, who is a Construction Project Manager, Mapping Expert, and Musician, you’ll hear his on-the-job stories and lessons in this hilarious podcast. In about 10 minutes weekly, he talks about everything from everything from negotiating contracts to driving heavy equipment, and expands into media, entertainment, and his cell-phone frustrations on a jobsite.

Building Performance Podcast

This podcast covers interviews with high-performance building pros in all genres – from engineers to architects, building managers, policymakers, and general contractors. Hosted by Corbett Lunsford of the Building Performance Workshop, you’ll hear a lot about the science of building and how to measure good home performance.


Podcasts aren’t the only way to get some great career guidance! Don’t forget the Madden is here to help you find temporary or permanent work in the trades. Contact us if you’re a craftsman looking for work, we can match you with employers who are looking for talent like you.


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