Five Fun Scrap Wood Weekend Projects

Carpenter repairing furniture

Most craftsmen have some scrap wood hanging around in their garage. Don’t take it to the dump! There are plenty of great projects you can tackle to make your life easier at home, or perhaps as a great gift. Next time you have a few hours on the weekend, antsy for something to do with your hands, take on one of these great projects and make use of that scrap wood:

Storage Tower

What better use for scrap wood than to create a storage tower for all your tools, so you’re better organized for your next scrap wood project! Here’s a great example you could model yours after. (http://kregjig.ning.com/photo/storage-tower)


Cutting Board

One of the easiest and most practical things you can make with scrap wood is a cutting board. Here’s a idea for one that also incorporates marble into the design.  (https://lovecreatecelebrate.com/wood-marble-cutting-board/)


Shoe Rack

Chances are that, even if you already have a shoe rack at home, you have some piles of shoes hanging around somewhere. Organize them with a shoe rack made from your scrap wood. You can find a variety of styles online, some that are small and work for a porch or closet, others that are large with adjustable shelves. Here’s the details for one that uses old pallet wood. (http://www.recycled-crafts.com/crafts/fabulous-reusing-ideas-with-old-wood-pallets/)


Drill Charging Station

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where all of your drills, batteries, and chargers for your cordless drills were all in one place? The plans for this hanging charging station even has a drawer for holding screws and place to put a power strip to keep your drills charged. (https://www.hertoolbelt.com/cordless-drill-storage-charging-station/)


Spice Rack

Every good kitchen needs a practical and easy-to-use spice rack. This one could easily be built with wood scraps, and has an attractive modern style that would work on any countertop.  (https://www.anikasdiylife.com/diy-spice-rack/)


If you’re looking for a position where you can apply your wood carpentry skills during the week, call Madden! We’re always looking for talented craftsmen like you.

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