Reasons Craftsmen Are the Happiest Workers

Wednesday, 08 March
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As a craftsman, you’ve never been afraid to go against the grain. In fact, some of the best decisions you’ve made were the opposite of what most people were doing. As it turns out, society actually doesn’t always know what’s best for you. Go figure!

While less than half the workforce is very satisfied with their work, craftsmen boast a job satisfaction rate of 83%. So, why are construction workers among the happiest professionals? Let’s find out.

Good work-life balance

Craftsmen might have a nose-to-the-grindstone mentality on the job site, but they know how to wind down too. With flexible hours, active work, and competitive pay, the construction industry supports a healthy work-life balance. Craftsmen can get sufficient hours ot earn a healthy salary while having enough time to spend building a life outside of work. Project managers and other construction leaders know this balance helps keep craftsmen energized, positive, and ready to tackle the duties of the day.

Working outside.

Many craftsmen flock to the construction industry to escape the prison of an office job. Instead of being stuck inside from sunrise to sunset, you get to enjoy the great outdoors the entire work day. Sure, you’ll have to brave the elements, but that’s how you earn your stripes. Plus, craftsmen enjoy a slew of health advantages working outside including reduced stress, higher energy levels, a more robust immune system, and a stronger body and mind.

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Staying active.

Reaping the benefits of Mother Nature isn’t the only advantage of non-traditional work. Craftsmen also benefit from increased physical activity in their line of work. While the average professional is plagued by lower back pain, headaches, eye strain, and a litany of other issues, construction professionals keep active throughout the workday which contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, reputable employers will have robust safety checklists to help craftsmen stay safe even on more active projects.

Competitive pay.

One of the worst lies high schoolers hear is that trade careers don’t pay well. In reality, craftsmen can earn the same and even more than their collegiate counterparts in this line of work. Construction professionals earn an average salary of $45,760 with the upper echelon pulling in over $62,000. For comparison, the average college student earns a starting salary of just over $55,000. Craftsmen have the added advantages of starting a career earlier and avoiding college debt.

Flexible hours.

A 9-to-5 sounds reasonable in theory, but many people find themselves being overworked and underappreciated. As a craftsman, you have significantly more flexibility than the average professional with the dignity of work to boot. There’s always a project or employer that needs your expertise or skills, giving you the pick of the litter when it comes to working hours. Project managers are used to juggling various schedules so you’ll have a good chance of getting their preferred hours. This makes it easier to juggle a job with everything else in your life.

Lower debt.

Bringing on loads of debt is the quickest way to hold yourself back early in a career. While the average college is burdened with a mind-boggling $28,950 in loans just to receive a degree, craftsmen can often pay for trade school out of pocket due to its reasonable costs. Instead of having loan sharks eat away big chunks of your income, you’re starting off a financially rewarding career in control. That means less stress, more flexibility, and more ownership.

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