5 Winter Activities to Get In Touch With Your Wild Side

Man Drilling Hole In Ice With Auger For Ice Fishing In Manitoba Canada-cm

With winter in full swing, most people are retreating into their homes for a few months of hibernation before comfortable weather resumes. As a craftsman, you’re not phased by the biting temperatures or retreating daylight. You’re used to braving the elements every day on the job site. Let’s explore some exhilarating winter activities you can pursue to get in touch with your wild side.

1.   Going ice fishing

Seattle is known for having some of the best fishing holes in the entire northwest. But as lakes and rivers freeze over, the usual hotspots become dormant. That’s when adventurous anglers venture out to lesser-known spots to engage in the primal art of ice fishing. If you’re up for a bit of a drive from Seattle, the Colombian Plateau – just east of the Cascade Mountains – houses prime ice-fishing lakes due to its consistently sub-freezing temperatures. You’ll need a hand auger to drill the hole and a snow shovel to remove all the excess ice, but your standard rod will work just fine. Make sure to bring some pals to tag along. This isn’t your average fishing trip!

2.   Foraging for a Christmas tree

Something about buying a plastic Christmas tree online just feels…unnatural. Embrace the holiday spirit and your inner-forager this year by hunting for a tree the good ol’ fashioned way. Find yourself a freshly-sharpened ax, a capable saw, some cinching straps, and head into the northwest wilderness to find the perfect tree. Bring the family and the hound along with you so everyone can share in the holiday adventure. Just make sure your rig is big enough to haul the monstrous evergreen back to your house.

3.   Hunting game

As a craftsman, it’s crucial to find ways to stay fit and healthy, especially during the winter. If you’re a fan of hunting, it’s a great way to get outside, move around, and secure some nutrient-rich, filling, and truly organic food. Winter hunting might bring some additional obstacles, but you’re always up for a challenge. There’s plenty of viable game throughout Washington during the colder part of the year including rabbits, elk, deer, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and even bobcats. Check with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for accurate hunting dates and requirements.

4.   Grilling outside

While the other so-called meat-lovers shamefully put their grills away for the winter, you’re just turning up the heat. The idea of going even a week without a slab of perfectly cooked, grade-A beef is enough to make you go stir-crazy. An entire season? No, thank you! Grilling in the winter is an invigorating experience. Whether you’re cooking wild game you hunted or something you picked up from the butcher, there’s something about feeling that volcanic heat alongside the biting temperatures that makes you feel alive! 

5.   Building a snow fort

Put your construction knowledge to the test by building an epic snow fort when the Washington snowfall inevitably hits. Your kids will love it, and you’ll get that undeniable sense of accomplishment of building something from scratch. Go full craftsman and build an impenetrable fort that your team would be proud of! The key is to form snow “bricks” out of small clumps of snow and stack them up until you have an entire wall. Use a folding table or some other kind of reinforcement for the top. The only thing left is to stock up an arsenal of snowballs and prepare for battle!

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