Things That Should Be On Your Craftsman Wish List

Wednesday, 05 July
Laser level gauge for measuring green light on a construction site for outdoor construction of a house with masonry walls of a house-cm

Whether it’s your birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other gift-giving holiday, you’re probably being hounded by loved ones and friends to come up with some ideas. Talk about easier said than done! Sometimes, it seems impossible to think of anything. Don’t fret. We’ve got your back. Put these awesome items on your craftsman wish list so you’re all set when the next holiday rolls around.

Woodworking apron

The kitchen isn’t the only place where it’s appropriate to wear an apron. After building the ultimate workshop, you need the ultimate woodworking apron to bring your craft up a notch. There are plenty of different materials, but you can’t go wrong with the classic leather look. Plus, these woodworking aprons are among the most durable, protective, and functional. Make sure you ask for an apron with an abundance of pockets, loops, and other helpful adornments where you can store odds and ends when working around the house.

Tool backpack

Buying the right tools is only half the battle when acquiring the best equipment. You also have to figure out how to effectively move the tools around. Classic toolboxes are great when working around the house, but they’re a drag to take on the run. That’s where a tool backpack can come in handy. This nifty spin on the toolbox gives you the organization and functionality of a standard toolbag with the comfort and convenience of a backpack. You’ll have compartments for organizing all your tools so you can tackle any project that you confront on the road. Just make sure you ask for one with plenty of room to hold your essential tools.

Novelty socks

Everyone loves a good pair of novelty socks. They’re a great conversation starter and an effective way to shake up an otherwise standard outfit. It’s no secret that craftsmen could use a little assistance in spicing up their wardrobes which usually put function and form above aesthetics and fashion. You could get a pair with pictures of hammers, pizza slices, or even your favorite sports team. The possibilities are endless. If you can’t make up your mind, don’t ask for a specific pair and see what kind of exciting surprises you get from loved ones.

Laser tape measure

Nope, that’s not a typo! There are modern tape measures that utilize lasers to provide more accurate measurements than their traditional counterparts ever could. No more squinting to make out those impossibly small 16-inch markings. All you have to do is set the laser tape measure on the object you want to measure and place a target at the other end unless there’s already a solid object there. This handy little gadget will automatically provide a precise measurement using one of several advanced methods. There are even some laser tape measures that can add up different measurements automatically so you can save time without sacrificing accuracy.

Pressure washer

A pressure washer blurs the lines between tools and toys. Not only is it an absolute blast to use, but it’s also incredibly effective. Whether you’re chipping away at some old paint on the deck, removing mold from stone walls, or clearing dirt off the driveway, pressure washes get the job done thoroughly and fairly quickly. Every craftsman has used this tool at least once in their life, but most have to borrow it from a relative or friend. If you have a special someone who’s willing to spend a little extra for your gift, definitely put a pressure washer on the list.

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