DIY Hacks for the Ultimate Workshop

Wednesday, 20 July
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A craftsman’s workshop is a sanctuary. In this sacred space, you have complete dominion. It’s where you bring your ideas to life through hard work, calloused hands, and ingenuity. With so much going on in your life, it’s nice to have a space that’s 100% yours. Naturally, craftsmen want to make their workshops as functional, dynamic, and cool as possible. Heed these awesome DIY hacks to build the ultimate workshop that will have other craftsmen drooling with jealousy.

Use foam molds so you never lose a tool again.

Every workshop has a Bermuda Triangle of sorts where tools disappear never to be seen again. Sure, you might find that ¼-inch adjustable wrench when giving your workshop that once-a-year deep clean, but you should have all your tools where you need them, when you need them. A great craftsman hack is to take thin foam pads and cut out molds in the shape of your tools, so you always know where they go. These pads fit perfectly in workshop drawers and toolboxes.

Have a quick grab-and-go toolbox for small projects.

When you’re off the job site, your workshop isn’t the only place that’s going to see some craftsman action. Whether you’re helping a friend or family member or volunteering your handiwork, you’ll find odd jobs and random tasks around town. Instead of having to disrupt your perfectly organized workshop, you could have an on-the-fly toolbox always ready to go. Fill it with all the essential craftsmen tools, and you’ll have everything you need for 90% of projects.

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Put your most-used tools in the easiest-to-reach places.

Whether you’ve built a workshop in the garage, basement, or backyard shed, there’s a good chance you’re working with limited space and a restricted layout. A great strategy for maintaining an intuitive workshop setup that complements your workflow is to organize tools by their frequency of use. By making the most commonly used tools the easiest to access, you’re cutting down on delays and making things easier on yourself.

Install a laptop shelf so you can easily access the internet.

One of the most important craftsman commandments states the importance of using the right tool for the job. In the 21st century, the computer has become as essential a tool as any other. It’s perfect for following along with tutorials, referencing blueprints or directions, and accessing critical information such as user manuals. Instead of balancing it precariously on makeshift stands, take a few hours to build a dedicated laptop stand. It’s the perfect way to bring your workshop into the future while improving your workflow and protecting your equipment!

Put up a paper towel dispenser.

How often do you find yourself looking around cluelessly for some sort of rag in the middle of a project? If you’re like most craftsmen, it’s too many times to count. Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that get forgotten. Never get stuck in this pickle again. Installing a paper towel dispenser doesn’t cost much at all and solves a plethora of problems. No more hazardous spills, dirty hands, foggy glasses, or sweaty foreheads. 

Find a storage spot for cords and batteries.

Cords, batteries, and other pieces of equipment have the tendency to spontaneously regenerate, leaving you with more than you know how to handle. Instead of stashing extra components in random places throughout your workshop, find a dedicated spot you can place duplicates. This way, whenever you need a new battery, an extra cord, or anything else that you have multiple versions of, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

Just like every craftsman should have a workshop that meets their needs, every craftsman should have a fulfilling and rewarding job. If you’re struggling to find the right match, the staffing experts at Madden Craftsmen can help! For decades, we’ve been helping talented craftsmen just like you find work with some of the best construction businesses in the northwest. Visit IamMadden.com to see immediate job openings. You can also check out our apprenticeship program if you’d like to gain the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in the field.

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