Must-Have Tools in Your Grilling Toolkit

Grilling Filet Mignon Steak on a grill with Fire-cm

As a craftsman, you understand the importance of using the right tools for the job. But that doesn’t stop at the job site. When you swap your hard hat for the grill master’s hat, you need tools that can get the job done. In this case, the job is to grill that juicy slab of steak to perfection. You might get by with things you find around your kitchen, but craftsmen always aim for the best. Here, we’ll take a look at some must-have tools in your grilling toolkit to knock the socks off your lucky dinner guests.

Knife Sharpener

There’s nothing more satisfying than cutting into a sizzling steak fresh off the grill as the steam and juices flow out. If you’ve been using the same grilling knives for more than a few months though, there’s a good chance they’ve lost all their sharpness. Dull blades can easily ruin a perfectly cooked piece of meat while also making cutting more dangerous. Throwing a knife sharpener in your grilling toolkit ensures you never have to work with a dull knife again.

Insulated Grilling Gloves

If you’ve never experienced grilling in the cold winter, you’re missing out! Whoever said that plopping a nice, fat, juicy steak on the grill was only a summer activity clearly didn’t have a craftsman appetite. It could be 10-degrees below freezing, and you’d still salivate at the thought of a piping hot ribeye steak. Having an insulated grill glove in your grilling toolkit makes it easier to bring your winter grilling dreams to reality. These specially designed gloves pack the heat-resistant quality of oven mitts and combine it with the heat-trapping functionality of winter gloves.

Stainless Steel Skewers

Craftsmen are notorious for their work ethic, but there’s a lot of creativity required on the job site too. This artistic eye carries over to the grill as you’re always looking for new ways to one-up your previous menu. To help diversify your grilling capabilities, you’ll want to add some stainless steel skewers to your grilling toolkit. Whether you want to grill some seafood, smaller cuts of meat, or even vegetables, skewers make it easy to achieve that perfect smoky, grill-charred flavor. Skewers are also the perfect camping hack as they make it easy to grill hotdogs, sausages, and other outdoorsy favorites.

Metal Grill Tongs

One of the hallmarks of a perfectly grilled slab of meat is consistency. Getting that coveted evenness requires constant flipping. While knives and forks work just fine, you want to limit the number of times you cut into the meat. That’s where metal grill tongs are superior. This tool gives you greater control over your cuts while making it easier to keep all of the juices packed inside. Make sure to find metal tongs with rubber handles for better grip. You know just how greasy a grill session can get.

Meat Injector

Experienced grill masters looking to take their flavor flares to the next level should expand their grilling toolkits with a meat injector. This tool might look like something you’d expect to see in a horror film, but it’s capable of transforming an average cut into a mouth-watering slab worthy of any Michelin-star restaurant. A meat injector works like an oversized syringe, injecting marinade directly into the muscle of the meat. Instead of having pockets of flavor, every bite will ooze with deliciousness.

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