Why Spokane is the Perfect Place to Enter into the Construction Industry

Wednesday, 31 March
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Looking for construction opportunities in the northwest but aren’t sure where to look? Spokane and some of its nearby regions are a great place to start. This city has had a booming construction sector for years and that trend is continuing to grow. With well-established employers, open positions, and a host of construction projects lined up, Spokane might be the perfect place to enter the construction industry. Here, we’ll take a look at why this region is unique in what it can offer skilled tradesmen.

What does the construction industry look like in Spokane?

Just a few years ago, Spokane was dubbed the third-fastest growing job market within the construction sector out of the entire country. And while much of the economy was reeling from the effects of the pandemic, the construction industry in Spokane remained strong and this growth is expected to carry well into 2021. $30 million is being put towards public works projects with an additional $40 million earmarked for next year.

This growth in construction job opportunities is the result of the ongoing development of the Spokane region. Extensive roadwork throughout the country has been underway for years with new sewage and water systems being installed, shoulders getting extended, roads being widened, and roundabouts being put in. All of these improvements are in anticipation of further economic growth. More specifically, the construction of medical offices, multifamily accommodation, and manufacturing-related buildings should be in high demand in 2021.

What about Spokane’s surrounding areas?

The boom of construction opportunities isn’t limited to Spokane specifically. Many suburbs surrounding it are seeing strong growth in this sector, making them prime entry points for professionals looking to enter the construction industry. Located just across the border in Idaho, Coeur D’Alene is undergoing its own version of what Spokane is experiencing. In fact, Coeur D’Alene has even outperformed Boise in the recent past when it comes to the addition of new construction jobs. This area isn’t far from Spokane and continues to deliver on job opportunities. 2021 isn’t expected to be any different.

Are there still open positions?

Despite all of the opportunities in the Spokane region, competition for construction positions is still relatively limited. In fact, the area is on the verge of experiencing a shortage of workers with many employers struggling to find the right talent. This lack of qualified workers is partially due to the fact that older generations of current laborers are retiring without sufficient younger talent to replace them.

When you throw in the economic growth these regions are expected to experience and the construction demand that comes with it, you have a recipe for an abundance of open positions. If you’re looking to get into the construction industry, this should be music to your ears. High demand with low competition is an excellent combination for workers, especially those new to the industry.

How can you take advantage of these opportunities?

Currently, Spokane is an ideal place to get started in the construction industry. If you’re not yet qualified, your first step would be to complete an apprenticeship. This way, you’ll have the required skills and experience to join the workforce right away. For those who are already qualified, the next step – and one of the most difficult – is finding a great employer. Even with a variety of construction job opportunities in Spokane, you still want to make sure you’re working with an awesome boss.

Whether you’re moving to a new location or you’re interested in switching careers, feel free to head over to IAmMadden.com for immediate job openings in the Spokane region and beyond. Madden Craftsmen has spent decades helping talented craftsmen find work with some of the best employers in the area. Still not trained? Check out our apprenticeship program. You might even be able to get paid while getting your qualification.

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