When Should You Have a Traditional Resume for Construction?

Tuesday, 16 August

Not that long ago, you could get a construction job with just a recommendation from a friend or by responding to an ad in the paper. Unfortunately for you, those days are (mostly) long gone.

Today, construction-hiring managers often ask to see a resume and you might not get the job if yours is not up-to-par with industry expectations.

In this article, we will give you a few tips to help you help you smooth out your construction resume to get that job!

1. Ditch the Traditional Format

If you open up a WordPress resume template or pick something from a Google search, chances are you’re going to wind up with a traditional resume which is not ideal for construction work, especially if you have gaps in your work history. Instead, opt for a combination resume, which leads with your skills and quantitative accomplishments and follows up with your work history.

2. Include Any and All Licenses or Certifications

If you are OSHA, MSHA or NCCR certified, be sure to include it somewhere it can be seen. Hiring managers are often looking for employees with these specific certifications, and they can help you stand out from other applicants.

3. Describe Accomplishments

Besides just stating what the basic job responsibilities and duties were, give hiring managers an idea of how well you did your job at each previous employer. Be sure to list exactly what your contributions were to each accomplishment. Go into detail about each job, including a description of the company, job site, foreman, what type of work it was and even the type of facility it was in. Remember you are competing for the job against other prospective employees and your resume is your chance to sell yourself!

4. Make It Visually Appealing.

Most resume templates are either boring or cluttered. Make sure that your resume is appealing by keeping it to a single page, and making sure it is clear and easy to read. You want to fill the entire page but leave as much white space at the sides as possible, so it’s easy on the eyes.

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