How Many Flashlights Does A Craftsman Need?

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Every craftsman needs a flashlight. We use them on the job regularly, but there are so many more ways these sticks of light can really come in handy. Good thing there are so many different kinds available, so you’ll never tire of adding another to the collection! Here are some of best uses for flashlights:

Power Outage

This is the most obvious situation for using a flashlight. But what may not be obvious is to keep a flashlight in every floor, or even room, of your house. This gives you easy access and reduces danger of searching around in the dark for that one flashlight you have in the back corner of your cabinet, somewhere.


Broken Glass

Have you ever swept up the shards from your broken drinking glass on the kitchen floor, and later realized you missed a piece when you stepped on it with your bare feet? Flashlights are a super awesome way to make sure you get every little sliver of broken glass. Just get the light down on the ground and shine it across the floor. The glass will reflect back the light, so you can save your feet for the weekend fishing trip.



Doctors and dentists use some form of a flashlight to take a look into our ears, eyes, and mouth for symptoms and signs of illness. If you experience a sore throat, or get an eyelash stuck in your eye, a small flashlight is a really great way to check yourself before you make a medical appointment.


Early Morning Exercise

If you’re a runner or bicyclist, you’ve probably had a workout or two in the dark. A headlamp or clip light on a baseball hat will drastically increase your visibility to cars. But, in lieu of that, you could duct tape a small flashlight to your hat as well! It helps your odds if you get a waterproof version.



The type of tactical flashlights that the police and military carry are also useful for civilians to have on hand for self-defense. The bright light can briefly disorient an attacker, which gives you time to run or retaliate. Tactical flashlights often have a toothed bezel making it easy to break glass if it’s big enough – and can become a weapon when striking it against an assailant. An LED light, with casing made of hard anodized aluminum, is recommended.


There’s all the proof you need – one flashlight just isn’t enough! If you need a little light on your job search, call us at Madden. We can steer you in the right direction to connect you with the training or employers needed.

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