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Wednesday, 15 November

Craftsmen Communication: What Employees Want to Hear from Construction Leaders

Craftsmen don’t need a lot to get the job done. With the right tools, enough time, and a...
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Wednesday, 06 July

Got What It Takes to Make it in the Construction Industry? 7 Must-Have Skills

The construction industry is a highly specialized field, so craftsmen need to have incredibly refined skills in order...
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Wednesday, 04 May

Leading By Example: 6 Qualities Craftsmen Pass On to The Next Generation

Craftsmen are a truly unique breed of professionals. They bring...
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Wednesday, 30 March

Must-Have Tools in Your Grilling Toolkit

As a craftsman, you understand the importance of using the...
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Wednesday, 23 March

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a New Career

Whether you’re fresh out of school looking for a rewarding...
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Wednesday, 27 October

Is College Worth It?: What the Trades Offer Above Higher Education

With rising tuition costs and an increasingly competitive workforce, it’s...
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Wednesday, 06 October

Tips for Landing Your Construction Bids More Consistently

One of the most important components of a successful construction...
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Wednesday, 04 August

Why You Should Be Proud to Be a Craftsman

Craftsmen are a different breed. They’re just built a little...
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Wednesday, 31 March

Why Spokane is the Perfect Place to Enter into the Construction Industry

Looking for construction opportunities in the northwest but aren’t sure...
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Wednesday, 03 March

The Skills Craftsmen Bring to the Job

Craftsmen aren’t made…they’re born that way. It’s something innate. While...
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Thursday, 21 January

How To Become A More Valuable Craftsman – And Get Hired Faster!

Employment in construction is still growing fast, and getting more...