Frustrated manual worker
Wednesday, 31 October

How to Decide if it’s Time to Get a New Job

If you’re feeling bored and complacent, it might be time to get a new job. Craftsmen are in...
Carpenter's at work
Wednesday, 24 October

How to Attract Younger Craftsmen

Younger generations are generally being swayed away from the trades, and encouraged to go to college instead. However,...
A man wearing brown boots
Wednesday, 17 October

The Men’s Classic Brown Leather Boot

Every good craftsman needs a good pair of brown boots!...
Car with luggage on the roof ready for summer vacation cm
Wednesday, 10 October

Why You Should Force Your Craftsmen to Go On Vacation!

The summer months are usually busy for craftsmen in the...
Somebody came more prepared than the others... cm
Wednesday, 26 September

How to Actually Impress Them in an Interview

In this job market where craftsmen are in high demand,...
Mentor and his trinee cm
Wednesday, 19 September

Why You Should Be A Mentor to other Craftsmen

Building construction is on the rise and good craftsmen are...
Gardener clearing up the leaves using a leaf blower cm
Wednesday, 12 September

How to Wear Your Carhartt Pants Off the Job

‘Blue-collar’ work wear such as Carhartt pants have actually become...
Portrait of happy schoolkids looking through dome climber cm
Wednesday, 05 September


It’s no secret that obesity has become common in the...
Carpenter tools on wooden background cm
Wednesday, 29 August

How the Gig Economy is Affecting Your Construction Business

In a recent study done by the Bureau of Labor...
SALARY INCREASE message on vernier caliper 3D rendering cm
Wednesday, 22 August

How to Ask for a Pay Raise

If you are a valuable employee and have come to...
Which is next step in this process cm
Wednesday, 15 August

Why The Best Craftsmen Don’t Work For You

With the skills gap, there’s already a lot of competition...