Building Future Craftsmen at the PCC Welding Program

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If you’ve thought about going into the trades, becoming a welder is a lucrative career. A welder generally cuts or fuses together metal through the use of various machines that create intense heat – often handheld. They may also smooth and polish the metal surfaces once they’ve been welded together.

Welders also study blueprints and project specifications in addition to calculating the dimensions of the parts to be welded. Compensation for welders is fairly competitive, and the need for welders should continue to grow by 6% through 2026!!


You can learn to become a Welder through an apprenticeship such as MAP (the Madden Apprenticeship Program), which is the first-ever registered apprenticeship program managed by a staffing agency. We’ve partnered with Portland Community College to provide these apprenticeship and training opportunities to PCC students through PCC’s industrial journeyman programs.


Through MAP, you get on-the-job training in addition to your required college classes at PCC (Portland Community College). All apprentices enter employment through Madden when you begin an apprenticeship program, and you receive automatic incremental raises as your skill levels increase. The ultimate goal of the program is to earn your journeyman certification while also earning national, industry-recognized credential towards an associate degree.


PCC provides hands-on training for welding in eight different areas: shielded metal welding, gas tungsten welding, gas metal welding, flux-cored welding, oxy-acetylen welding and cutting, plus basic fabrication and non-destructive testing. It’s a flexible program which allows you to enroll in as many credits as your schedule allows. You also receive classroom education in blueprint reading, plus welding principles, metallurgy, inspection and quality control.


If you have interest in becoming a welder apprentice, contact Madden today. We screen and hire approved apprentices, as students must be currently employed and sponsored by Madden Industrial Staffing in order to officially register for and earn hours through the registered MAP at PCC. We’ll answer your questions and help guide you to the next step, so give us a call today!

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