general contractor cm
Thursday, 25 February

You Can Become a General Contractor

If you’re thinking about a job in construction management, or you’ve worked in construction for many years and...
safety equipment cm
Thursday, 18 February

Management Can Get the Entire Team to Buy into Safety

We’ve all worked a job where safety was a four-letter word. People cut corners, because saving time was...
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Thursday, 11 February

How Do I Create a Skills-Based Resume?

The job market is highly competitive, and that means you...
Construction projects
Friday, 05 February

Win More Construction Projects with Improved Communication

When it comes to winning new projects, it’s not enough...
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Tuesday, 19 January

Improve Your Recruiting in 2016

You’ve built a successful business. You’ve worked long, hard hours...
Happy craftsmen
Tuesday, 19 January

Want to Be Happy at Work? Take a Job in Construction

Some people are cut out for desk jobs; however, chances...
Work Place Safety OSHA inspections
Tuesday, 19 January

Is Your Site Ready for an OSHA Inspection?

You can’t predict an OSHA inspection. OSHA doesn’t work on...
OSHA inspections cm
Tuesday, 19 January

Get Your Cover Letter to the Top of the Pile

You’ve heard plenty of gimmicks for getting your resume noticed:...
Friday, 15 January

The Case for Direct Hire Staffing

Facts about the Labor Market in King and Snohomish Counties...
Tuesday, 15 December

Is Your Organization Ready to File the 1094-C Form?

If you employed more than 50 full-time or full-time equivalent...
Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations. Savings finances and economy concept cm
Tuesday, 15 December

What Do I Do with This 1095-C Form?

If you worked for a company with more than 50...