Will Construction Worker Shortages Slow the Economy?

Construction workers

The overbearing entity of the economy and its success inevitably boils down to the workers who put their efforts and resources into it; so it’s no surprise that the lack of workers, specifically in the construction industry, has an impact on the larger economic picture. Not only are companies struggling to find workers, but project completion is delayed largely because of the shortage in labor.

Construction firms are now facing the difficulty of keeping projects running smoothly with the added burden of a decrease in workers. Unlike some other industries – where, if there is a shortage of workers, existing employees can simply take on more work – construction is predominately labor intensive so there is no way to pass the labor burden onto others. Therefore, construction firms are forced to take this into consideration when taking on new projects, and an increasing level of them have to be turned down simply because the resources to complete it are not available.

When construction companies are forced to turn down new projects, owners are willing to pay increasing amounts for projects. This price increase results in decreasing numbers of projects that are able to be funded in the first place, and this hinders economic growth on a larger scale. The fewer projects that are completed, the less money is being cycled into the economy, which is why this labor shortage in the construction industry is a bigger deal than it might seem.

Economic growth in America is a large concern, with several other industries struggling to create employment opportunities for a dynamic labor force. Construction companies have the additional burden of scraping together workers to complete projects that directly impact the area’s economic growth. It is in times like this where staffing companies are able to lend a hand to struggling employers looking for quality workers to fill employment gaps.

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