4 Ways to Deal with Internal Team Conflict

Team Conflict

It would be remiss to say that co-workers and their effects on you stop when you punch out for the day. They are in many ways like family, people that you are connected to whether you like it or not, and conflict may arise because of this tight-knit existence. The workplace can be a stressful area, and tensions often run high, so it is important to keep level-headed when things heat up.

Of course, all disagreements can’t be avoided, so here are some key tips on handling sticky situations with your co-workers.

Discuss issues before they become heated                

Not all problems have to escalate into conflict, so if possible address any growing concerns directly with the person involved, not with other co-workers. Being proactive and addressing issues when they arise will prevent conflict in the future, and allows you to get over the small things quicker instead of letting it fester.

Take time to cool off

Nothing gets resolved when both parties are angry, slinging insults and letting their tempers escalate. Remove yourself from the situation, take a walk or go freshen up, and try to decide if this particular scenario is worth revisiting at a later time when you both are calmer.

Listen actively and discuss calmly

If there is a necessity to discuss the situation, make sure to keep an open mind, because there are two sides to every story. Remember, you both are professionals and will need to continue working together, so make sure to use clear language and resolve the situation. Moving forward, you both should be on the same page so that there are not any misunderstandings regarding the conflict.

Bring in a third party if conflict resolution fails

There is a chance that even after steps are being taken to diffuse and resolve the conflict, the issue still persists and things seem to be going in a big circle. If this pattern occurs, it is a good idea to consult the opinion of a manager or the HR department in order to exhaust all options to resolve the situation. No company wants to lose employees over a workplace squabble, and a third party may be the fresh eyes that the situation needs. However, don’t include co-workers as a third party, because even though internal conflict tends to affect more than the two parties involved, the situation will only get messier If other peers get involved.

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