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Wednesday, 19 July

Hard-Hitting Facts About the History of the Hammer

The hammer is humanity’s oldest and most trusted tool. This versatile instrument has millions of practical uses. Whether...
Laser level gauge for measuring green light on a construction site for outdoor construction of a house with masonry walls of a house-cm
Wednesday, 05 July

Things That Should Be On Your Craftsman Wish List

Whether it’s your birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other gift-giving holiday, you’re probably being hounded...
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Wednesday, 21 June

How to Maximize Your Earnings in the Construction Industry

The construction industry suffers from a widespread assumption among the...
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Wednesday, 31 May

Build Financial Stability With the New VoyaLearn Platform

As a craftsman, you’re always building something. And you’re darn...
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Wednesday, 24 May

You Can Toss These 5 Useless Tools

Thought the decluttering trend didn’t apply to craftsmen? Think again!...
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Wednesday, 10 May

How Would You Fare At These Craftsmen Competitions?

A healthy level of competitiveness is essential for succeeding in...
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Wednesday, 19 April

Craftsman Confessions: 5 Ways We Fall Short

Craftsmen have an air of competence, confidence, and capability on...
Hand holding construction tools -cm
Wednesday, 05 April

Celebrities That Are Hidden Craftsmen

Celebrities are enjoyable to watch in their respective arts and...
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Wednesday, 22 March

5 Things You Can Fix With Duct Tape

Ah…duct tape. It’s the only fix-all tool that truly lives...
Smiling hispanic construction worker wearing a work helmet looking away with his thumbs up-cm
Wednesday, 08 March

Reasons Craftsmen Are the Happiest Workers

As a craftsman, you’ve never been afraid to go against...
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Wednesday, 15 February

Why Craftsmen Thrive in the Cold Weather

For the average person, winter is an excuse to take...