Celebrities That Are Hidden Craftsmen

Wednesday, 05 April
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Celebrities are enjoyable to watch in their respective arts and even more fun to laugh at when acting like…well, celebrities. There’s no question that these socialites occupy a space far away from the average person, but not every star fits the helpless stereotype that the public loves to put on famous people. There are a small group of celebs that possess some skills and know-how that would demand the respect of craftsmen.

Nick Offerman

Most commonly lauded for his manly mustache, Nick Offerman who played Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation deserves just as much recognition for his woodworking prowess. Before acting became his primary source of income, Offerman combined his two passions of cinema and woodworking by building sets. His interest in the art of woodworking is still alive and well through his Offerman Woodshop in LA. We’re not sure if we should be more jealous of the mustache or the carpentry chops.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis is highly regarded for his commitment to roles, going above and beyond the call of cinema duty to get into the mindset of his character. When prepping for his lead in The Phantom Thread, Day-Lewis developed some unique hands-on skills. He learned stitching to make a dress as his character does in the movie and even took up some woodworking. His craftsman skills aren’t going to overtake his acting ability any time soon, but it’s cool knowing some actors are committed enough to delve into their characters.

Harrison Ford

Before attaining superstar status, Harrison Ford was actually a full-time craftsman. He was able to keep himself and his family afloat through carpentry as he gave acting a shot. Ford purposefully developed an in-demand skill that would allow him to be selective about the roles he took. Eventually, he got his foot in the door of the industry by scoring gigs at movie and music studios. Ford was actually working a carpentry gig at George Lucas’ office before getting an audition for the iconic Star Wars franchise.

Terrence Howard

As an accomplished singer, songwriter, and actor, Terrence Howard has all the accolades of a top-tier celebrity and then some. Similar to other stars on this list, Howard started earning money as a carpenter before making it big in Hollywood. Although his income source has changed, Howard’s passion for carpentry clearly hasn’t waned. Howard is actively teaching his son carpentry skills too, highlighting the many things craftsmen can pass on to the next generation.

Adam Corolla

Adam Corolla is no stranger to bucking celebrity expectations and trends, so it might not come as a surprise to find him included here. This radio personality, comedian, and actor has a repertoire of carpentry and handyman abilities. These craftsman skills even earned Corrola his very own show on TLC called The Adam Carolla Project where he demonstrated his effectiveness around the job site. The veteran celeb showed skill with a variety of tools when repairing his childhood home.

Kevin Jonas

Craftsmanship is probably the last thing you think of when hearing about the Jonas Brothers. We can’t speak for the rest of the band, but Kevin Jonas has certainly made a name for himself in the construction industry. After splitting from the band, the oldest Jonas brother founded his own construction company Built by Jonas. The real estate development group’s flagship project was Kevin’s $2.25 million mansion that featured 6,709 square feet of customized, high-end features.

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