Build Financial Stability With the New VoyaLearn Platform

Wednesday, 31 May

As a craftsman, you’re always building something. And you’re darn good at it, too! With the right tools, raw materials, and a solid blueprint, you can bring any vision to life. While you’re usually flexing those muscles on the job site, that knack for building helps in other areas of your life, especially when it comes to finances. Unfortunately, finding the resources you need to build the financial future you want is challenging. That’s where VoyaLearn comes into play.

What is VoyaLearn?

VoyaLearn is a virtual platform designed to help individuals and families lay the groundwork for a financially successful future. It’s overflowing with actionable advice, digestible information, and useful tools so you have everything you need to master your financial situation and reach your goals. All members of the Madden Craftsmen team have access to VoyaLearn along with their competitive 401(k) plan.

What does VoyaLearn offer?

Live Sessions

Multiple times a month, you’ll be able to enroll in live seminars with retirement education specialists. These experts will take you through a wide range of financial-related strategies and offer valuable advice to ensure you’re on the right track.

On-Demand Sessions

The craftsman schedule is hectic and unpredictable which is why VoyaLearn also offers on-demand sessions. These prerecorded videos give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Plus, you can focus on the content that’s most relevant to you.


You understand the importance of having the right tools better than most people, and VoyaLearn is committed to giving you the financial tools you need to succeed. Through the platform, you’ll have access to:

Budget CalculatorCreate a personal budget to put your finances under control.
Financial Wellness Assessment – Find out where you’re at on your journey towards your financial goals.
Retirement Checklist – See what you need to accomplish before retirement.
Blog – Read insider tips and tricks for building the strongest financial foundation.

What Craftsmen Gain from VoyaLearn

VoyaLearn offers a wealth of resources to help craftsmen build toward their financial goals. Some of the most popular modules include:

Retirement Goals (Under 40)

The best time to start saving for retirement is right now! Through this seven-minute session, you’ll learn how to save intelligently and track your progress along the way so you’re in the best position to retire when the time comes.

Retirement Goals (Over 40)

Getting a delayed start on retirement savings? No problem! This six-minute session will show you how to set the right financial goals to make up for lost time. You’ll also get tips on consulting with a financial professional.

Retirement Income

Getting more retirement income isn’t as easy as asking for a raise. You’re in charge of determining how much money you receive based on your savings. This in-depth session will show you how to maintain a sustainable and livable retirement income.

Social Security

Get a peak behind the curtain of Social Security to gain a better understanding of how this crucial program works, what steps you need to take, and how you can take full advantage of it in retirement.


VoyaLearn offers a variety of sessions focused on profitable and sustainable investment strategies. You’ll learn how to build a basic strategy, choose worthwhile stocks, lower your risk exposure, and adapt to changes in your goals.


You’re used to working within a budget on the job site, and many of the same principles apply off the job site. Through VoyaLearn, you’ll know the difference between good and bad debt, how to create a personal budget that works, and how to build a healthy credit score. 

Estate Plan

You’re diligent about staying safe on the job site to protect your health and well-being. Why not take the same approach when it comes to your finances? This section demystifies estate planning so your loved ones are protected no matter what.

If you’re looking for rewarding gigs with premier local companies, you’re in the right place! Madden Craftsmen has been helping talented craftsmen like you find jobs with leading employers for 35 years. Visit IamMadden.com for a list of immediate job openings.

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