Three multiracial construction workers laughing-cm
Monday, 03 June

The Trademarks of Craftsmen Humor

Craftsmen are renowned for their mastery of building intricate, complex, and sturdy structures. However, these professionals put just...
Portrait of a happy construction worker at a building site-cm
Wednesday, 06 July

Got What It Takes to Make it in the Construction Industry? 7 Must-Have Skills

The construction industry is a highly specialized field, so craftsmen need to have incredibly refined skills in order...
Female worker using tape measure at site-cm
Thursday, 06 January

5 Undeniable Reasons a Construction Gig is Better Than A Desk Job

Whether you’re a high schooler thinking about entering into the...
Coffee break at construction site! -cm
Wednesday, 07 April

What It Takes to Work Hard, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Construction is a tough gig. There’s no beating around the...
Construction workers-cm
Wednesday, 10 March

Can’t Find Talent in the Construction Industry? Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

One of the toughest challenges facing construction employers is finding...
Roofer worker in protective uniform wear and gloves-cm
Wednesday, 26 August

Myths About a Career in Construction

More and more workers are starting to consider jobs in...
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Wednesday, 29 August

How the Gig Economy is Affecting Your Construction Business

In a recent study done by the Bureau of Labor...