5 Undeniable Reasons a Construction Gig is Better Than A Desk Job

Thursday, 06 January
Female worker using tape measure at site-cm

Whether you’re a high schooler thinking about entering into the job market, a college student looking for a rewarding career path, or an employee seeking a more meaningful profession, the construction industry might just be exactly what you need. Every day, tens of millions of workers assume their positions at desks from 9 until 5, Monday through Friday. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s a huge demand for skilled tradespeople. To prove the advantages of this profession, here are 5 undeniable reasons a construction gig is better than a desk job.

The progress is evident.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a step back after a long day on the job to see what your hard work, sweat, and perseverance have built. On the construction site, you can see a tangible difference in the work you do. Progress isn’t just measurable, it’s staring you right in the face. That’s cool! A desk job doesn’t provide anywhere near the same level of satisfaction. It’s tough to feel accomplished when all you have to show for a day’s work is organized spreadsheets, a half-successful call, and a few positive emails.

You’re part of a close-knit team.

Working in the corporate environment is awkward. You’re constantly told the team is a family while simultaneously being pit against coworkers. On the construction site, things are much different. There’s a strong feeling of camaraderie that comes about naturally instead of being crammed down your throat. The complexity, difficulty, and inherent risks of the job force craftsmen to work as a tight-knit team. You’ll come to think of fellow craftsmen less as coworkers and more as close friends and even family.

You work with your hands and your head.

A desk job is essentially like plugging your brain into a computer from 9 to 5. While your mind is constantly being stimulated, your body just sits there… mindlessly. This constant sitting can contribute to all kinds of health concerns including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. That wasn’t in the job description, was it?! Working construction keeps the mind and body equally engaged so you get the best of both worlds. Your brain is constantly solving complex problems while your brawn is doing all the heavy lifting, literally.

You get to work outside.

The science is in: working outside is beneficial to your health. Well, duh! Admittedly, it sounds a bit obvious, but not many people fully understand why. The latest studies suggest that a gig outdoors can reduce stress, improve memory, decrease inflammation, increase happiness, and boost energy. A desk job literally does the opposite of all those things. As mentioned before, sitting all day long can have some serious health complications. Trade that claustrophobic cubicle for a spacious job site. You’ll love it!

You’re in high demand.

There’s never a shortage of desk jobs available, and there are plenty of people to fill those positions. That’s why so many people wander into these roles without giving it much thought. One of the best reasons to consider a career in the construction industry is demand. Currently, there’s a nationwide shortage of skilled labor as older craftsmen retire in droves and construction projects show no sign of slowing down. This high demand for craftsmen is a prime opportunity for anyone who wants to excel in a field full of rewarding offers and upward mobility.

If you’re struggling to find the right construction gig, you’re in the right place! The staffing experts at Madden Craftsmen have been pairing talented craftsmen just like you with some of the best construction employers in the northwest. Visit IamMadden.com to see the latest available positions. We also offer a comprehensive apprenticeship program to train those interested in joining this growing field. You might even have a chance to earn some money along the way!

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