Leave The Interview As Strongly As You Started


Similar to a book or movie, you’re more likely to remember the beginning and the end of most situations and interactions; it’s the middle part that’s usually a bit more fuzzy. This is true for interviews too! Which is why we’re always talking about making a good first impression. But you’ve got to leave a lasting impression too! Here are some tips to make sure you finish the interview as strongly as you started it:

Conclude why you feel you’re a good fit

This is one of the most important parts of the interview. Throughout the interview you have been noting and asking them about what they’re looking for in a candidate. So then, to conclude the conversation, summarize all the ways that you fit and why you’re excited to work with them.


Shake Hands

If you have any notebooks or other belongings, make sure to gather them in your non-dominant hand so that you leave your dominant hand for shaking (we recommend you shake with right hand if possible). Studies show that you’ll bond with someone you make physical contact with, and you’ll become more likable and memorable when you do.


Smile with Eye Contact

It’s important to thank them for their time and look them in the eyes! Smile, and say something that references something specific in your conversation, so they know you were listening. This shows both your interest and your confidence.


Be Deliberate

Use your body language to show that you are confident and know exactly where you’re going and what is coming next. Don’t shift your weight or look awkward about leaving. Walk out of the room assuredly when it’s time to go.


Follow Up!

Make sure to follow up and send a thank you note. This could be done by email, text, or hand-written note – it depends upon the type of communication that has been made to you, and how formal the culture of their organization.


Show Your Personality

Make sure that you’ve demonstrated your personality and how you’re different than anyone else. If there’s a way to highlight and remind them of your unique self, it’s definitely a good time to do so as you’re giving your parting words and smile.


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