Myths About a Career in Construction

Wednesday, 26 August
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More and more workers are starting to consider jobs in the trades again, partly because the labor gap has helped make the trades a more in-demand career path. However, there are still some misconceptions out there about what it’s like to work in the construction industry. A job in the trades may be more lucrative than you may realize! Here are some of the most common myths about a construction career, in case you’ve been wondering if it’s a good path for you:


Construction is for those that can’t get a degree.

A job in the trades requires intelligence and focus, and in fact many workers who have switched from white collar jobs to work in the trades love the rewarding combination of mental and physical challenge it provides. And while not all construction jobs require a degree, many craftsmen have one anyway! A degree is needed for most supervisor and management roles. And one of the best things about working in the trades is that you have all kinds of options to learn – online, apprenticeships, and community or university college. This means that no matter what your learning style or strengths are, you can find the best education method to build your skills.


Construction jobs won’t pay you enough money.

Construction, like any industry, has a wide range of pay depending upon your experience, education, and skills. And due to the labor gap, with fewer and fewer young people going into the industry, there’s a high demand for craftsmen that’s pushing the average pay up. As an example, the average pay of a Project Manager is $105K, and there’s plenty of opportunity to rise through the ranks or own your own construction company as well. Beyond pay, there’s many other perks and rewards for being in the trades – including opportunity for short-term or flexible positions, and pride in your work.


Construction work is really dangerous and hard on your body.

While construction is ranked high among most dangerous jobs, there has been an ongoing decline in the amount of US Labor reported employer-reported workplace injuries and illnesses. This is mainly due to good safety practices, better equipment, training, and recent technological innovations. Plus, not all positions in the industry are exposed to the elements. There are project management, technology, and supervisory roles that don’t require as much physical work or risk. Working in the trades is safer now than it’s ever been before!


Construction jobs are so boring.

Okay, sure, some specific jobs can be monotonous if you do it day after day after day. But that’s true of any job! Construction is a multi-billion dollar industry, so you can bet that there’s plenty of different opportunities for you to get promoted, learn new skills, or become a business owner with your own construction company.  Plus new construction innovations and technologies are increasing rapidly, creating so many new opportunities for craftsmen who can combine trade skills with technology skills. The variety of roles and tasks you can accomplish in the industry can keep you challenged for a lifetime in a construction career.


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