How the Gig Economy is Affecting Your Construction Business

Wednesday, 29 August
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In a recent study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s shown that the number of gig workers is at 10.1%, which is actually down from 2005 when companies like Uber and AirBnB weren’t even in business!

However, many experts say this is misleading because the study measured those with ‘gig’ work as utilizing contracting, short term, project, and on-call work as their primary form of employment.  Upwork Freelancers Union, on the other hand, says that over 35% of workers have participated in some sort of contract or short-term project work in the past year. The discrepancy between these two studies are likely because many people think of ‘gig work’ as supplemental, or as their ‘side gig.’


In the construction industry, we see the gig trend increasing – regardless of whether the work is primary or supplemental employment. In fact, even the concept of having one primary employer is beginning to fade. Here’s some things that you should be aware of as you’re looking to hire craftsmen for your upcoming projects:


Gigs are perfect for construction work.

57% of companies hired some sort of temporary employee last year, and it’s likely higher amongst construction businesses because they often need employees only for the duration of a building project. Good thing, more and more craftsmen find it appealing to work on one big project, then take a break for vacation or side hobby before going into the next building project. Temporary and short-term employment is a perfect match for both employer and worker in this case.


Millennials often prefer gig work.

More and more craftsmen want flexibility, especially the Millennial and younger generations. Research shows that they prefer options that offer them a better lifestyle, blending their life and work more seamlessly into their daily schedule. They don’t feel the desire or need to have just one single employer as generations of the past. The gig economy allows them to be able to have the lifestyle and variety of work that they prefer.


Your workers probably have a side gig.

Of those workers with gig work, 25% of their employers don’t even know they have a side gig! Most of them do it because they want a little extra money, while others want to pursue another passion or broaden their skills. Whatever the reason, it’s very likely that your craftsmen have other sources of income. And with the labor gap in the trades, it’s more important than ever for you to learn how to attract and keep good people.


Gigs are beneficial for employers.

Yes the high demand for talented craftsmen gives them the upper hand, but this is good news for employers too. They are learning new skills at various work that they can use while working for you! And their gigs can give them more money to pay off debt, or time to pursue their other interests, which means they’re less stressed on the job.


If you want to hire more workers who are interested in short-term or temporary gig work, Madden Industrial Staffing makes it easier for you to hire them. We find the workers that match the skills you need, and then screen and interview for you to choose from the best. We can even process benefits, payroll and more after you hire, just give us a call to get started today!

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