A Solution for The Skills Gap

Wednesday, 25 April
Comp Men work on the old factory for the installation

There are 6.2 million unfilled job openings in America, which is up from 5.6 million in 2016. Companies can’t find workers that have the skills they need to hire for – in fact 45% of small businesses were unable to find qualified candidates to fill a job opening last year. And, 60% of all employers have job openings that stay vacant for a year or more! It’s especially prevalent in the trades, ranked as the #1 most difficult of jobs to fill for over 5 years now.

Thanks to new innovations in apprenticeship programs, employers like you are able to build a highly-skilled, highly-productive workforce, like never before.


Programs like the new Madden Apprenticeship Program help both employers and workers

The Madden Apprenticeship Program is the first-ever registered apprenticeship program managed by a staffing agency, creating a pool of workers with a variety of skill sets.

Employers like you no longer need to start and commit to an apprenticeship program on your own. Now you have access to Madden’s registered apprenticeship program, which means you can simply hire apprentices when you need them.


MAP helps you make money and get ahead

Madden handles payroll, HR administration, skills verification, soft-skills screening, education tracking and payroll – giving manufacturers of all sizes the ability to offer apprenticeships. When business is booming, and you’re having a hard time finding tradespeople, this is a great solution for you.


You can focus on your business while we run the program

Madden is such a natural fit for the program, because we’re accustomed to finding talented craftsmen. We’re already screening and verifying skills to place workers in temporary and permanent industrial jobs in the field.


Job seekers get paid to earn certification

It’s great for the workers too! Registered apprenticeship is a job with good wages. All apprentices enter employment when they begin an apprenticeship program, and they receive automatic incremental raises as their skill levels increase.


This apprenticeship program helps the whole industry

More workers are attracted to the trade, and more businesses like yours will flourish. Employers who are having difficulty finding enough qualified tradespeople now have a bigger pool of workers to choose from. And workers who were hesitant to apply for jobs without experience can now get that experience and earn their credentials on the job. MAP solves the problem for both employers and workers.


If you’re interested in participating in the Madden Apprenticeship Program, contact Madden to talk to an Apprenticeship Specialist today.

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