Avoid Contracting the Flu in 2016 with These 5 Tips

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You want to make the best impression with your new employer, so the last thing you need is to be out sick your first week on the job. Unfortunately, the flu doesn’t care how long you’ve been on the job, and if you’re new to a worksite, chances are you’re going to come into contact with a new strand.

Don’t let the flu ruin your chance to show what a valuable employee you can be. Follow these five steps for a healthy, more successful flu season.

1. Get a flu shot. This is the best action you can take to reduce your risk of the flu. Whether you’re working for one construction firm or temping for multiple projects this season, chances are you’re going to come into contact with several strands of the flu virus. The flu shot will help your body fight off the worst of them. Flu season doesn’t usually peak until January or later, so if you haven’t had your flu shot, make an appointment today.
2. Wash your hands often. If you’re going to come into contact with the flu virus, chances are it will be from something you touch. A doorknob, the coffee pot, the pen you used to sign in this morning. Regularly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can reduce your risk of both catching the flu and spreading it to others. No easy access to a sink at your job site? Pack some hand sanitizer and use that instead.
3. Limit handshaking. A firm handshake tells a lot about a person, but a firm handshake full of the flu virus tells even more. If you think someone might be sick, try to avoid shaking hands. If you can’t get out of the handshake, wash your hands as soon as possible. And if you’re feeling sick, fess up and don’t accept a handshake from anyone.
4. Keep your gloves on. If safety isn’t enough reason to use your work gloves, staying healthy should be. Anytime you share equipment, you increase your chances of coming into contact with the flu. If you have you use your bare hands, give the equipment a quick cleaning first.
5. Take care of yourself. For the best chance of fighting off an infection, your immune system needs plenty of quality nourishment, regular exercise, and proper sleep.

These are just a few ways you can prevent catching the flu. To learn more, ask your employer if they have any health requirements or trainings you should be aware of. If you’re feeling sick, contact MICI today and talk to your Madden Recruitment Specialist right away. We want you to make a great first impression, so let’s make it a healthy one.

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