Why Customer Service Matters in the Construction Industry

It’s easy for project managers to lose sight of the customer service angle of their business when more pressing and immediate demands require attention. Sure, construction managers always care about customer satisfaction, but that’s not the same as having a committed and detailed strategy for optimizing the customer experience. There are several crucial ways customer … Continue reading "Why Customer Service Matters in the Construction

Skills That Make Veterans Perfect Candidates for the Construction Industry

Military members face no shortage of danger, challenges, and struggles when putting their lives in the line to serve our country. However, these obstacles don’t stop when veterans transition back to civilian life. In fact, returning to “normal life” is fraught with its own issues. The stark contrast between being an active service member and … Continue reading "Skills That Make Veterans Perfect Candidates for the Construction

How Project Managers Can Overcome Labor Shortages: 4 Key Strategies

It’s no secret. The construction industry is facing a worsening shortage of talent brought on by a confluence of issues including an aging workforce, lack of interest among younger professionals, and increasing demand for construction projects. Here, we’ll look at some ways project managers can overcome these labor challenges to continue growing their business into … Continue reading "How Project Managers Can Overcome Labor Shortages: 4 Key

What does “Offsite Construction” REALLY mean now?

Companies in all industries had to adjust business operations during the quarantine order to protect our population from the Coronavirus outbreak. Our construction clients are no exception, and they have found innovative ways to incorporate remote working into their building projects – including zoom meetings, drone surveillance, and incorporating modular construction or some form of … Continue reading "What does “Offsite Construction” REALLY mean

Prefab Construction Is Still Hot

With the shortage of both housing and labor, the modular and prefabrication construction segment really took hold last year! According to the recent Dodge Data & Analytics study, modular building and prefabricated single-trade assemblies also improve productivity, quality and scheduling as compared to traditional construction. Bottom line, it makes building more efficient. Health care, hotel, … Continue reading "Prefab Construction Is Still