5 Things You Can Fix With Duct Tape

Wednesday, 22 March
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Ah…duct tape. It’s the only fix-all tool that truly lives up to the hype. No matter what you’re trying to fix, replace, or repair, duct tape always comes through. There’s no job that’s too challenging to handle. Every craftsman needs to have at least one roll of this stuff in their toolbox, garage, and vehicle. You never know when or where it’s going to come in handy. Whether you’re a duct tape enthusiast or you’re still not on the bandwagon, you can never get enough ideas for using the silver savior. Let’s take a look at a few common things you can fix with duct tape.

1.   Fishing pole

Whether you’ve been wrestling the biggest fish in the pond or testing the limits on that hand-me-down rod, you’re bound to experience some strain on your fishing pole. Every rod has a breaking point, but a little damage doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Keeping some duct tape handy among your fishing gear means you have a quick fix wherever you’re angling. When you first notice some unusual bend in the pole, reinforce the weak points with a few layers of duct tape. The weaker the point, the more duct tape you’ll need.

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2.   Tent

There’s no quicker way to ruin an exciting camping trip than with a roof leak. Even the most expensive tents are susceptible to damage from sharp objects, stretching, or just sheer overuse.  Instead of having to cut the expedition short, simply patch up the leak with a piece of duct tape. It’s thick and sticky enough to keep any water from coming through no matter how hard it’s raining. You might need to restitch the tent or canopy at some point, but the duct tape will last for at least a few uses. Make sure the surface is as dry as possible before applying the tape to increase the adhesiveness. This is a must-remember camping hack for outdoor enthusiasts.

3.   Vacuum extension

Vacuum extensions tend to fall into disrepair before the vacuum itself. Instead of overspending on replacement parts, you can patch up any slits, holes, or disconnections in the vacuum hose and extension to carry you over until the main unit reaches its lifespan. Simply find the areas where the air is escaping and apply a layer of duct tape. If you’re able to lay the duct tape flat, a single layer should suffice. However, you might have to supplement with multiple layers in more damaged areas. You should notice more sucking power when the compromised portion is successfully sealed up. Congrats! You just saved yourself a few hundred bucks.

4.   Work gloves

As a craftsman, you wear out work gloves well before the average owner. On and off the job site, you’re putting pairs of gloves through their paces which leads to a lot of wear and tear. While it’s crucial to stay safe when getting the job done, sometimes you’ll need to extend the life of your gloves until investing in the next pair. Yet again, duct tape is going to save the day. You can use it to patch up tears, cover up holes, connect torn parts, and fix any other sort of problem. Duct tape even helps maintain the weather and water resistance of some work gloves.

5.   Seats

Upholstery never lasts quite as long as the chair itself. This is the case for kitchen chairs, car seats, outdoor furniture, and anywhere else you rest your rump. Covering up a small tear in the seat lining can prevent further tearing, saving you some cash and a whole lot of hassle. Unless you have duct tape-colored seats, the repair is going to stick out like a sore thumb. But, it gets the job done which is really all that matters in the end.

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