How to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Construction worker routine

Craftsmen aren’t known for being ordinary, and we know you definitely have some unique and valuable talents in the trades! And when you have that extra edge, it helps you perform better at your current job, and gives you confidence if you’re looking to stand out during a new job search. Here’s some ways to bring out your natural awesomeness and kick it into full gear:

Try the thing.

Pursue those things you always wanted to do! Just take a small step now, whether that’s just looking up the website of a class you can take, calculating what the costs would be to go on that trip, or. And don’t be discouraged if it feels like you’ve got a long way to go. Every step you take will give you more and more momentum.


Stay positive.

Don’t hold on to anger or resentment – it’ll just hold you back from greatness. Move on and focus on good stuff that’s happening in your life, even if it’s just the fresh northwest air that you’re able to breathe on the daily. We all have things we can celebrate in our life, and when you find things to appreciate, you train your brain to see solutions that you probably couldn’t see before.


Talk to strangers.

Say hello to people! Engage people in conversation in line at the coffee shop or tool supply store. Not everyone will be receptive, but those that are will make your day better too. Smile and act as if everyone is your friend, because you might just meet a new one! Building your personal network can ultimately change your life.


Talk to friends too.

Stay social and in touch with your circles! Host a poker night, go fishing or hunting, or visit your college for a football game. Don’t stay in your house every night because it’s easy and comfortable. While it’s important to get rest and relaxation, don’t forget you need people around you who can give you new ideas and introduce you to new people.


Be interesting.

Reading new books and consuming captivating content such as podcasts keep you up to date on interesting topics, so you can have good conversations. Listen at the gym, in your car, walking to job site. Keep up to date on news and pop culture, especially things that interest you. If you find it fascinating, your enthusiasm will rub off when you’re talking to others.


Be self aware.

Know what makes you happy, and what you need to be in a good state of mind and body. For example, some people need routines, others like spontaneity. Some people like big parties, other people prefer small groups. Understand your preferences and boundaries, so that you can have less regrets about activities you participate in. Push yourself out of the comfort zone every once in a while too, but be clear on the things that fill you up and do those consistently.


Take care of yourself.

Eat well, exercise, and give yourself time for self-care, which could incorporate physical, spiritual, mental, emotional elements. Connect with nature, get a massage, meditate, learn something new! An invigorated mind and body will help you succeed in all your ventures.


These actions will help you improve your quality of life no matter what you’re focused on. And if you’re looking for a new job to show off your extraordinary self, call Madden today! We work with employers that are looking for talented craftsmen like you.

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