Why You Should Specialize Your Trades Skills Further


At some point when you decided you’d like to pursue a career in the trades, you chose a basic area of interest for your Journeyman. You may have gone to a technical or trade school and/or worked as an apprentice depending upon the field you chose. And you probably didn’t need to get much further specialty training – especially with the continuing labor gap, there’s a high demand for talented craftsmen in general!  However, if you stopped at getting your basic Journeyman, you may want to consider training further on skills and talents in a specific area, and here’s some reasons why:


Craftsman pride.

True craftsmen know that the most compelling careers are crafted, not stumbled into. That’s why you want to master those skills that fit your natural interests and talents, and build a repertoire that’s rare and valuable. There’s no ‘perfect job’ out there, so instead create your own! Map out a strategy for a career that will give you an incredibly fulfilling working life.


More interesting.

Once you earned your Journeyman, you could start working towards becoming a Master Tradesman – but there are a variety of other options. You could get a specific license, such as Leed certification or your Construction Management certification. And with all the latest innovations in the trades, there’s a greater need for a more tech-savvy craftsman, who can combine trade skills with data management, coding, and more. There’s more opportunity than ever for you to find a niche that interests you.


Higher demand.

Employers are more and more interested in the accomplishments and skills of their people, and the unique talent you bring them. Yes, they have specific needs for specific projects, but when you bring that extra value to the table, you stand out against the other candidates. This gives you the upper hand to be employed where, when, and how you want to be.


Higher pay.

Anything that requires additional schooling and experience is naturally going to warrant higher pay. Sometimes it’s a formal pay structure that’s set up to pay more, such as a Master Tradesman. But when you’ve got specific talents that make you unique in your field, you can usually negotiate more – especially if the building project requires or benefits from the experience that only you have.


More choices.

With the demand for your value, you’ll have more options to choose from. The good news is that when you choose to specialize in something, you’re more likely to have opportunities in that specific area! By specializing, you’re setting yourself up to do work that you enjoy more.


Training opportunity.

Many employers are willing to pay for extra training for those who are willing to prove their talents and dedication will benefit them. They want a highly-skilled team, so when you tell them that you want to increase your value in a specific area, show them how it will help them grow their business too! They may also be willing to give other resources, such as more mentoring, flexibility, and a promotion or faster career track.


No matter what experience or level you’re at in your trades career, Madden Industrial Staffing can help guide you to the areas where you’re interested in growing. We work with employers that are looking for talented craftsmen like you! Contact us to answer your questions and help you build a lucrative career in the trades.




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