Unexpected Interview Tips That’ll Give You The Edge

Handsome young African American man at job interview-cm

If you’ve been doing any reading on job interviews, you know what the typical advice is. Dress well to make a good first impression. Research and prepare good questions. Give ‘em a strong handshake and send a thank you note. But sometimes it’s the little things during the interview that matter the most. Here are some small ways that – you may be surprised – will make a big difference in whether or not you get hired:


Good Timing

Make sure you schedule your interview at a time of day where you are at your best. And hopefully that’s mid-morning, in the middle of the week. Research shows that a Tuesday at 10:30am is the best time. More importantly, don’t be the last interview of the day. You just might not have a chance – regardless of how good you are. Also, don’t show up too early. It’s good to be a few minutes early, but nobody wants to babysit a candidate in the lobby. Wait in the car if you have to!


Don’t Accept Coffee

Or any other beverage besides water. It’s just a courtesy on their part! You’ll be cutting into interview time if they have to make it for you, and you risk spilling it all over yourself or their office. Politely thank them and get on to the good stuff, i.e. your talents and skills.


Be Nice

Listen, nobody wants to hire someone who can’t get along, especially if their ego is so big they can’t be nice to the receptionist. Same goes for the driver who picked you up, or the intern who is showing you around the office. Some executives will actually ask them if you treated them well, so be your most charming self with everyone! Just like you should be on the job.


Talk Big

Go ahead and be a little narcissistic! Research shows that chronic self-promoters do better in interviews. You don’t have to embellish or even exaggerate, but do go ahead and brag about all the things that you know you do well. Practice this, if you need to! The more self-assured and confident you are about your strengths, the more the interviewer will trust what you’re saying. The key is to do it with just a very small amount of modesty to balance it out.


Random Eye Contact

If you’re in a multi-person panel interview, don’t deliberately look at every single person as you answer a question. Instead, make eye contact with the person who asked the question. After that, you can glance around and make random eye contact with others. It feels more natural and less calculating.


Don’t Look At Your Phone

Or your watch. It just looks like you’re not prioritizing the time and space for the interview. Your interviewer will likely find it rude and disrespectful. It’s best to keep your head clear from social media and personal texts anyway.


Bring Good Energy

Your energy is always more important than the way you phrase something, and sometimes can compensate for a lack of skills too. Don’t worry so much about saying the right thing, and just bring the energy of you to the table.


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